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What if They Don’t Have Insurance?

If the other party involved in an accident is at-fault and uninsured, there may still be ways for you to earn a recovery.

If they don’t have insurance, we often look for other avenues for recovery from the at-fault party, such as

  • Did the accident occur within the scope of their business? Or
  • Are there others at fault that may have assets?

If none of the avenues for recovery exist, then we hope that if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you have what is called uninsured motorist coverage.

Without uninsured motorist coverage, and if the at fault parties don’t have coverage, then, unless the at fault party has significant assets that we can go after, there probably isn’t any avenues for recovery.

Especially if you’re unclear on whether you have a viable case, recommend that you take advantage of our offer for a free case evaluation where a specialists can look for opportunities within your case that may not be obvious to you.

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