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$9M Wrongful Death from Exertional Heat Stroke

$9M Settled for Pedestrian Accident Causing TBI

$5.75M Negotiated Settlement for Rear-End Collision

$5M Workplace Dismemberment Recovery from a Lathe Accident

$3M Settled for a Large Truck Rear-End Accident

$2.9M Recovered for a Tractor-Trailer Collision

$2.8M Settlement for Rear-End Car Crash

$2.7M Negotiated in Wrongful Death Suit

$2.1M Settlement for a Car Accident

$2.1M Recovery from Sideswipe Accident

$1.97M Settled for Commercial Truck vs. Auto Accident

$1.9M Settlement for Rear-End Accident

$1.66M Settled for Commercial Truck Pedestrian Accident

$1.5M Recovery for a Rear-End Accident

$1.49M for a Rideshare vs. Motor Vehicle Accident

$1.3M Settled for a Workplace Injury

$1.2M Negotiated Settlement for Restaurant Chair Collapse Causing Injuries

$1.1M Recovery for a Rear-End Collision

$1M Negotiated for a Sideswipe Car Accident

$1M Recovery for a T-Bone Accident

$1M Recovery for a Rear-End Collision

$1M Settlement for Property Owner Negligence Causing Injuries

$1M Settled due to Exploding E-Cigarette

$1M Negotiated Settlement for Premises Liability Trip & Fall

$1M Settled for Wrongful Death by Assault

$1M Recovery for DUI T-Bone Car Accident

$995k Settlement for Multi-Car Collision

$950k Settled for a Test Drive Accident

$915k Recovered for Rear-End Accident

$900k Settlement for a T-Bone Collision

$900k Recovered in Concrete Divider Accident

$890K Negotiated for DUI Driver Accident

$855k Awarded for Broken Tile Injury

$840k Recovery for Hit-and-Run Incident

$799k Awarded for a Multi-Vehicle Collision

$795K Negotiated for Rear-End Accident

$790K Settled for Freightliner Incident

$750k Negotiated for a Left-Turn Accident

$750k Settlement Recovered for a Motorcycle Accident

$625K Recovery for Grocery Store Trip & Fall

$625k Settlement for Injuries Caused by McDonald’s Employee

$615k Awarded for Hit-and-Run Accident

$600k Recovered for Wrongful Death by Semi-Truck

$598k Recovered for a T-Bone Collision

$575k Settlement for Missing Concrete Trip-and-Fall

$500k Recovered for Car Collision

$500k Awarded for Wrongful Death

$500k Settlement Awarded for a Dog Attack

$500k Settled for Dog Bite Injuries

$499k Recovered for a Crosswalk Accident

$400k Settlement for a Rear-End Accident

$387k Settled for a Left-Side Car Collision

$365k Recovered for a Rear-End Accident

$350k Settlement for a Bus Passenger Injury

$340k for Target Slip & Fall due to Soda Puddle

$325k Negotiated for Panera Bread Coffee Spill Injury

$325k Recovery for Rear-End Accident

$301k Settlement in a Drunk Driver Collision

$300K Settlement for Running a Red Light

$300k Settlement for a Head-On Collision

$300k Negotiated Settlement for Stair Slip-and-Fall

$300k Wrongful Death Recovered due to Accidental Bullet Discharge

$300k Mediated Settlement for Landlord Malpractice

$300k Recovery from Multi-Car Collision

$250k Settlement for Rear-End Accident

$250k Recovery for a Passenger Side Crash

$250k Negotiated Settlement for a Water Park Accident

$250k Mediated Settlement for Malfunctioning Lithium-Ion Battery

$250k Full Policy Settlement for Red-Light Accident

$225k Secured Settlement for Tripping on Walmart Forklift

$225k Recovery for Accident on Raised Concrete Lip

$221k Settlement for Rear-End Collision

$216k Mediated Settlement for Target Slip & Fall

$200k Settlement for Driver’s Side Accident

$200k Full Policy Settlement for Bike Collision

$200k Negotiated Settlement for Motorcycle Accident

$200k Mediated Settlement for a T-Bone Collision

$200k Settlement for Rear-End Drunk Driver Accident

$200k Mediated Settlement for Bicycle Collision

$200k Negotiated Settlement for a Rear-End Car Wreck

$200k Negotiated for Drunk Driver Accident

$197k Negotiated Settlement for Failure to Yield

$195k Achieved Full Policy Settlement for Slip & Fall Accident

$195k Negotiated for Wheel Stop Accident in Parking Lot

$184k Secured Settlement for a Three-Vehicle Accident

$180k Recovery for a Rear-End Accident

$175k Settlement for Rear-End Accident

$175k Mediated Settlement for Fall in Walmart

$150k Negotiated Settlement for Running Intersection

$135k Recovery for Bacterial Infections Caused by Moldy House

$135k Recovery for Slip-and-Fall Accident

$130k Settlement for Multiple Landlord Oversights causing accident

$125k Mediated Settlement for Freightliner Collision

$125k Negotiated Settlement for U-Turn Accident

$125k Negotiated Recovery for Rear-End Accident

$110k Settlement for Rear-End Accident

$100k Negotiated Settlement for Right Turn Collision With Trailer

$100k Recovery for Getting Struck by a Vehicle While on a Bicycle

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