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What if I Don’t Feel Hurt After a Major Accident?

What if I don’t feel hurt after a major accident?

This is a common occurrence for many of our clients: After being involved in a major accident, they don’t feel hurt, or they don’t feel hurt yet.

We tell them this is a common experience.

Many times, people do not initially feel injured for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s the adrenaline. Sometimes it’s because they’re more concerned for their kid’s safety.

Whatever the reason, the pain and symptoms often don’t begin to start showing until a few days or weeks after a major accident. This is completely normal, and it is part of the human process and biology.

Because time is of essence when investigating a case, it is always better to bring a claim and drop it, than to never bring a claim.

Do not wait. The sooner you start the process, even if you do not feel pain now, the better. As time passes, it can be harder to collect the information from the site that may help with your case.

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