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Does Reckless Driving Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

August 2, 2022 Wayne

California is second among states in premium increases for traffic violations like DUI and reckless driving accidents Although it may feel unfair and generate controversy among citizens, any infraction that may adversely affect your car will have negative consequences that will be reflected in your insurance rate. Reckless driving on the road, being part of […]

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How to Get Compensation After a Hit-and-Run Car Accident

July 29, 2022 Wayne

Nothing ruins your day quite like a car accident – especially when you aren’t at fault and the other driver speeds away before providing their information. A million questions race through your mind. Your first concern is whether or not you were injured. If not severely injured, you would then examine your car for damage. […]

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Your Personal Injury Compensation Guide: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

July 25, 2022 Wayne

After a car wreck or other injury, you are likely wondering what kind of personal injury compensation you can expect to receive. While every case is unique, there are some general trends, as well as some limits under the law, that can help you know what to expect. This personal injury compensation guide answers 10 […]

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Understanding Prop 51 and Apportionment of Fault in California

May 24, 2022 Wayne

In 1986, voters in California approved Proposition 51. This is also known as the Multiple Defendants Tort Damage Liability Act. Today, Prop 51 is used to discourage plaintiffs from filing lawsuits against entities simply because they have “deep pockets,” or lots of money. If you have suffered a personal injury and there are multiple responsible […]

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Liens FAQs

March 10, 2022 growthrocket seo

For those unfamiliar with liens, they might be the best alternative if you’ve been involved in a personal injury matter. The goal of a forensic evaluation in a personal injury case is to do a pre/post-injury comparison to examine the impact of an event on a person’s functioning and how this will impact them in the […]

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