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Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in California

June 5, 2024 María López Garcia Accidents, Attorney, Injury

An Experienced Accident Lawyer Can Help Victims Get the Compensation They Deserve You never know when you might be involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. Tripping on poorly maintained stairs, being hit in a crosswalk, hitting a bicyclist, or suffering a traffic collision are some of the leading causes of injury in […]

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One Dead, 71 Injured on Singapore Airlines Flight

Extreme In-Flight Turbulence Causes Terror and Panic Among Boeing 777-300 Passengers A Singapore Airlines plane carrying 211 passengers and 18 crew members was forced to make an emergency landing after an accident caused severe turbulence. The incident resulted in the death of a 73-year-old man on a flight bound for Singapore from London. The plane […]

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Can You Sue for Whiplash from a Rear-end Uber Crash?

April 17, 2024 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Back and Neck, Injury, Ride Sharing, Traffic, Whiplash

Ridesharing apps like Uber have revolutionized how people travel, making commutes much more convenient. These pioneering companies offer users a seamless way to get from one place to another.  But as with any mode of transportation, accidents like rear-end collisions can happen in Uber rides. These types of incidents can lead to several injuries, one […]

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The 7 Common Injuries in Car Accidents

April 9, 2024 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Car, Injury, Traffic

Car accidents can result in severe injuries, and unfortunately, some are fatal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 2.5 million Americans seek treatment for common car accident-related injuries each year. In cases where victims sustain fatal injuries from a car crash, their loved ones may need to file a personal […]

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The 5 Most Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) are more common than most people think. Approximately 18,000 new cases are recorded annually, and roughly 282,000 Americans are estimated to be living with spinal cord injuries from common causes. These injuries vary in severity, but they could have debilitating and devastating effects on someone’s life. That being said, it’s essential […]

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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Charged with Sex Trafficking, Assault, and Rape

March 27, 2024 María López Garcia Accidents, Injury, Misconduct, Negligence

The Rapper Was Previously Sued for Sex Crimes by Five Victims The music industry and rap fans worldwide were shocked recently. Famous rapper Sean Combs is being investigated for possible sex crimes. The 54-year-old rapper, also known as Puff Daddy or Diddy, is being investigated by Federal Homeland Security agents for sexual assault and sex […]

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What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

March 25, 2024 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Injury, Legal Process

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, it’s only natural to be curious about the different parts of the legal process of an accident claim. In particular, you might want to know how much a personal injury case is worth. In this article, we’ll provide valuable guidance on how to beat insurance companies […]

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Trains and Cars Kill Pedestrians, Pitbull Attacks, and an NFL Sexual Assault Victim

California’s February News Round-Up Features Bullying and Harassment in Schools, Financial Abuse of the Elderly, and Sex Crimes Against Students As February 2024 comes to a close, we learn that the deadly atmospheric river storm that swept through Southern California left dozens of people with a personal injury and nine people dead. The severe weather […]

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Why It’s Important to See A Doctor After Being in a Car Accident in California

March 13, 2024 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Car, Injury, Medical Concerns, Traffic

In California, auto collisions are all too frequent, with approximately 250,000 crashes being reported in the state each year. However, it’s alarming how many of these car accident victims fail to see a doctor immediately to treat any type of injury. These incidents can lead to a range of injuries, from whiplash to more severe […]

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