$750K Settlement for a Left Turn Accident With Car Damage in LA

$750K Negotiated for a Left-Turn Accident

Our client was the driver of a vehicle traveling northbound in lane #2 on Santa Fe Avenue in Los Angeles, California. At that time, the defendant was driving south on Santa Fe Avenue at a high rate of speed. The defendant driver suddenly turned left, causing an accident and damage to our client’s vehicle.

The defendant driver suddenly made a left turn in front of our client’s vehicle towards eastbound 15th Street. In doing so, they slammed the rear driver’s side of our client’s vehicle.

The police officer at the scene found the defendant at fault for the collision in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21801 (a) VC. This statute applies to failure to yield to an oncoming vehicle prior to making a turn. As a result of the collision, our client’s vehicle sustained extensive damage.

Among the damage sustained as a result of this left turn accident, our client suffered symptoms in various parts of their body. Our client went to the doctor when they experienced back pain, numbness, and tingling in their left hand. They also complained of pain in their neck, shoulders, and both arms.


September 2020




Los Angeles, CA

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