$575K Settlement by AA Injury Lawyers for a Slip and Fall

$575K Settlement for Missing Concrete Trip-and-Fall

Our client tripped and fell in their garage at home, in Moreno Valley, California. Our client was standing on the steps leading to the garage, pressing a button to open the door. After pressing the button, our client turned and trapped their left leg in a large chunk of missing concrete, causing them to fall to their left. Our client attempted to catch themselves with their right foot and stepped down off the step. Then, they felt a snap in their right foot and our client fell to their left again on their knees and hands. Due to the severe and debilitating personal injury sustained in the slip and fall accident, the victim contacted our lawyers.

Our client’s son took them to the emergency room. The defendant failed to use ordinary care to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition. As a result, our client sustained injuries to their right foot, left shoulder, left hand, and wrist. Our client reported this incident to the property manager.

A search of the building permit history for the premises revealed that the City of Moreno Valley required the removal of an unauthorized and illegal door/wall installed in the garage of the premises. Therefore, our expert examined the premises. They found that when they removed the framing as required by the city, the screws anchoring the wood to the floor were improperly removed. This resulted in the cracking and significant spalling of the concrete floor. These defects needed inspection and then patching to create a smooth surface free of hazardous conditions.

Our slip and fall injury lawyers secured a $575K settlement for the victim.


February 2016




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