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$500k Settled for Dog Bite Injuries

Our client’s partner was a dog trainer, who accepted to take care of the defendant’s adult Boxer dog through a dog-care company. As the dog was high on energy, our client’s partner separated it and placed it in a room. When our client went into the room, the dog pounced on them, pulled our client to the ground, and bit multiple times on their left hand, right biceps, and left leg causing puncture wounds.

Our client sustained severe and debilitating injuries as a result of this incident. As discussed below, the defendant failed to exercise ordinary care to train the pets to practice basic conduct, actually and proximately causing our client’s resulting injuries.

Our client suffered multiple complex lacerations totaling over 37.5 cm to the right arm, left hand, and left calf. In addition, they received an open fracture of the left hand due to dog bites.


February 2020




Los Angeles, CA

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