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$500k Settlement Awarded for a Dog Attack

Our clients were invited to the home of their friends, the defendants, located at Orange Avenue in Corcoran, California. As they waited in the fenced-in yard of the home for our client to arrive at the residence, the defendant’s dog, a male Rottweiler, pounced at our client and bit him multiple times on their right leg. Our client physically tried to stop the dog and at the same time picked up our other client present, who was being dragged to the ground by the dog.

During our client’s rescue, they suffered a bite to their left ankle. Our client was able to pick up our other client, rush off the property, and put them on the hood of their car, out of the dog’s reach.

However, the vicious dog continued its attack by trying to jump on and scratch the vehicle, causing damage. Our client’s screams and cries were heard by our client who rushed outside and retrieved her animal, ending the attack.


August 2019




San Francisco

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