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$325k Negotiated for Panera Bread Coffee Spill Injury

Our client was a patron at Panera Bread in Downey, California. Our client walked away from the kiosk after ordering a coffee when they slipped on some liquid spilled on the floor and fell to the ground on their back.

The defendant’s negligence and failure to exercise ordinary care to keep the premises and accessories in a reasonably good and safe condition, actually and proximately caused our client’s resulting injuries.

They saw a doctor for complaints of burning pain in her left-sided neck, left shoulder, left elbow, left-sided low back, and left knee associated with neck swelling, pins, and needle-like sensation.

Our client rated the neck pain as 4-7/10, low back pain as 5-8/10, and left knee pain as 8/10. The pain in the neck radiated down into the left shoulder, peri-scapular, and left arm, and the pain in the lower back radiated down into the left knee.


April 2021




Los Angeles, CA

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