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$325k Recovery for Rear-End Accident

Our client was the restrained operator of a vehicle traveling on Fairfax approaching the intersection of 18th Street in Los Angeles, California. Defendant, driving the vehicle, rear-ended the defendant at a high rate of speed while the defendant was stopped at the red light.

The defendant blamed the accident on the stop-and-go traffic, but in essence, admitted that nothing other than their failure to drive at a reasonable speed was the cause of the accident.

The defendant’s vehicle sustained frame damage from the impact and was declared a total loss by the defendant’s own insurance carrier.

The off-center impact caused the defendant to hit their head on the driver’s door/windshield from which they sustained a bump/bruise on the upper left eyebrow and physical injuries: our client suffered a contusion and concussion when they hit their head among other debilitating long-term injuries. Even the airbags in the defendant’s Jaguar were deployed, yet the defendant testified that the collision occurred in stop-and-go traffic at a speed below 20 mph.


June 2021




Los Angeles, CA

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