$216 Target Slip and Fall Settlement in California

$216k Mediated Settlement for Target Slip & Fall

Our client was a customer at the South Bay Pavilion Target in Carson, CA. As our client was walking down one of the store’s aisles, their left leg slipped forward on a brown liquid, and they felt a pulling and popping in their back. Our client then fell onto their knees and hands, landing on the floor. This Target slip and fall injury resulted in a $216K settlement for the victim.

The defendant claimed that a store employee inspected the area “approximately every half hour on the day of the incident…but does not specifically recall the exact time of his last inspection of the subject area before the accident.”

However, Target had no inspection logs or cleaning records documenting store sweeps. Therefore, there is no corroborating evidence to support this alleged “inspection.” Moreover, Target produced a video of our client’s fall from three different cameras. However, there was no video of a store employee inspecting the area in question.

On the other hand, Target’s store policy is for store employees to perform “inspections” at the same time they perform their other job functions during the course of a shift. These duties include, among other tasks, serving customers or stocking shelves.

Such a policy relies entirely on chance and luck, on a store employee noticing a spill before a customer slips in it. In fact, surveillance video showed employees walking near the area in question without noticing the liquid. They were not paying attention or looking for spills on the floor. This negligence led Target to accept a slip and fall settlement for the victim’s injuries.

These employees should have seen the spill, yet none did. Industry standards require accountability, verification, and frequency for an adequate inspection/maintenance program. Here, Target lacked all three.


June 2019




Los Angeles, CA

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