$200K for a Motorcycle Crash with Injuries in California

$200K Negotiated Settlement for Motorcycle Accident

Our client was a helmeted motorcyclist traveling eastbound in the #1 lane of SR-92 at the intersection of SR-82 (El Camino Real) in San Mateo. At that time and place, the defendant was driving a vehicle in the #2 lane of SR-92 at the intersection. Our client’s motorcycle crash occurred when a third vehicle made an unsafe turn on the California roadway.

This car, which was traveling in the same direction in lane #3, made a reckless maneuver into lane #2. At that moment, in an attempt to avoid a collision with that vehicle, the defendant turned left into our client’s lane and ultimately collided with our client’s motorcycle.

As a result of the collision, our client was ejected from their motorcycle and ended up landing on their left side and rolled over multiple times. The police officer at the scene of the collision found the driver of the third vehicle at fault for the collision in violation of California Vehicle Code 22107 CVC for making an illegal turn.

Ultimately, American Medical Response paramedics evaluated our client at the scene of the collision. They complained of constant, sharp pain in their back and right foot/ankle. Our client rated the severity of their pain at 4-8/10. In addition, they suffered abrasions to their back and right foot/ankle. Additionally, our client’s pain worsened with movement.

The victim was transferred to a gurney with spinal precautions and transported to the Stanford Hospital Emergency Department. The emergency department staff on call took over the victim’s care.

A motorcycle lies on the ground after a crash with a car.


August 2021




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