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Maui Fires Cause Irreparable Damage

August 23, 2023 María López Garcia Accidents, Arson, Burns, disfigurement, Injury, Misconduct, Wrongful Death

Natural disasters strike without warning. The eruption of a volcano or a lightning strike can cause terrible forest fires that burn thousands of hectares. But, the statistics do not lie: 90% of fires are caused by human activity. These are often unintentionally negligent, causing widespread damage and loss of life. This was the case with […]

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Burn Injuries: How to Pursue Compensation for Burns and Fire-related Accidents

August 2, 2023 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Burns, disfigurement, Fire, Injury, Negligence

Fire-related accidents in California are extremely common and can happen anywhere. Every year, countless individuals suffer from the devastating impact of burn injuries. But, with proper legal representation, any victim can file burn injury claims for compensation. These injuries can leave physical and emotional scars on victims. At its worst, burn injuries can result in life-changing […]

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Burn Injuries: Seeking Compensation for Thermal, Chemical, or Electrical Burn Accidents

July 11, 2023 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Burns, disfigurement, Fire, Injury, Negligence

Severe burn injuries can turn someone’s life upside down. It can leave victims scarred physically and emotionally. Recovery isn’t always easy, either. It may take them time to return to their normal lives, or worse; they may not be able to do it at all. The severity will depend on the types of burn injuries sustained. […]

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What Is A Catastrophic Injury?

When an injury leaves a person unable to enjoy their life the way they did before the accident, it’s considered a catastrophic trauma. And though most people try their best to go about their lives safely, catastrophic injuries can still happen to anyone at any time.  Undeniably, this injury affects many facets of a person’s […]

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Ambulance Fire Leaves One Dead

A 91-year-old patient and a paramedic were passengers when the ambulance caught fire An ambulance explosion outside a Hawaii hospital left one fatality and one person critically injured. Two paramedics and a patient were inside the ambulance when the fire broke out, hospital workers said. The events occurred overnight last Aug. 24, in Kailua, when […]

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Baby, you’re a firework; so be careful!

Summer heat means outdoor activities and revelry. Our nation’s Independence Day or July 4th is a popular gathering day filled with food, libations, and colorful fireworks that fill the sky. Those memorable fireworks can cause a lot of damage if they aren’t used correctly, however. Fireworks were responsible for an estimated 19,500 fires in 2018, […]

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Suspect Arrested in the one-acre fire that shut down Cahuenga Boulevard

October 15, 2021 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Arson, Burns, California, Los Angeles, Misconduct

One person was injured in the one-acre fire that shut down Cahuenga Boulevard Thursday night. The fire was reported at 7:48 p.m. Thursday, and firefighters had it knocked down by 8:14 p.m., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. A suspect was arrested near Wonder View Drive and Lakeridge Place on suspicion of arson, according […]

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LAPD Faces Scrutiny After 17 Injured in South Los Angeles Fireworks Explosion

The Los Angles Police Department (LAPD) is facing scrutiny after a fireworks explosion in South Los Angeles injured 17 people, including 6 civilians. Of those injured, 16 were taken the hospital and three were treated for serious injuries. The victims, which also included 9 police officers, ranged in age from 42 to 85.  Although the […]

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