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Burn Injuries: How to Pursue Compensation for Burns and Fire-related Accidents

August 2, 2023 Alan Ahdoot
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Fire-related accidents in California are extremely common and can happen anywhere. Every year, countless individuals suffer from the devastating impact of burn injuries. But, with proper legal representation, any victim can file burn injury claims for compensation.

These injuries can leave physical and emotional scars on victims. At its worst, burn injuries can result in life-changing disabilities and even death. 

Ultimately, coping with the aftermath of a burn injury is an uphill battle. Luckily for victims, there is hope. If you or a loved one is suffering from burn injuries, we’re here to help. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how victims of fire-related accidents can seek the justice and compensation they deserve with the help of a compassionate lawyer. 

What Causes Fire-related Accidents?

When filing burn injury claims from fire-related accidents, it’s important to establish what caused the incident in the first place.

There are a ton of things that could start fire-related accidents. From old heating equipment to faulty fire alarms, the list is endless. Here are a few examples:

Household Fires

Household fires can be caused by even the smallest things, like a burning candle or a damaged wire. It can also be the result of other factors, such as: 

  • Cooking
  • Old heating equipment
  • Defective detectors like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Defective appliances like heaters or gas grills
  • Faulty electrical wiring

Workplace Fires

Fire-related accidents can also happen at work. These incidents are typically caused by the following:

  • Smoking
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Flammable or combustible materials
  • Lack of proper fire safety equipment 

Whatever the cause of the incident, burn injury victims have every right to seek compensation for their damages. 

Degrees of Burn Injuries 

Fire-related accidents can lead to one type of burn injury called thermal burns. Thermal burns happen when our skin comes into contact with a heat source, like a flame or a hot metal. 

Now, depending on the severity of the injuries, burns are typically categorized into three:

First-degree Burns

If the top layer of your skin is damaged, your burn injury will be classified as a first-degree burn. These injuries typically heal on their own and are the mildest burns victims can get. However, they can still experience symptoms like redness, swelling, and pain in the affected area. 

Second-degree Burns

Second-degree burns are injuries that damage our skin’s first and second layers. These burns take weeks or months to heal. They’re also known for resulting in painful blisters and scars. 

Third-degree Burns

This degree or type of burn injury is the most fatal out of all three. Third-degree burns damage our skin’s layers, including its underlying tissues. Because of this, victims would need complex skin grafts to recover. 

They may not be painful at first, but they often cause a victim’s skin to feel dry and leathery. 

Compensation For Burn Injury Claims

The compensation a victim can get for burn injuries varies depending on the severity of the burn and how the fire-related incident occurred. But typically, victims can get a variety of compensation types, including the following:

  • Economic Damages: This type of compensation is awarded to victims for all their financial losses. This includes payment for their medical treatment, hospital bills, and more. It could also include lost wages if the victim cannot return to work after the incident. 
  • Non-economic Damages: This compensation is awarded to victims for the emotional distress their burn injuries have caused them. It typically covers intangible factors like pain and suffering. 

What to Do After A Fire-related Accident

If you sustain a burn injury from a fire-related accident, here’s what you should do:

Seek Medical Attention

The first thing you need to do after suffering a burn injury is get immediate medical attention. Even if you think your injuries are mild, you still need to get them checked by a medical professional. Doing so will help you link your injuries to the incident. 

If you were injured at work or in a public place, you must ensure the incident is reported to the authorities

man on a stretcher
Burn injury victims must get immediate medical attention after the incident. 

Document Your Injuries

Over time, your injuries could change and heal. Because of this, it’s important you document each stage of your injury. Take photos of them, or keep a pain journal while you recover.

This will help the court better understand the severity of your injuries and the emotional distress you’ve suffered. 

Gather Evidence

Aside from documenting the progression of your injuries, you also need to gather evidence to support your claim. Things like your medical bills, official diagnosis, and prognosis will help establish a connection between your injuries and the accident.

Do I Need A Burn Injury Lawyer?

There’s no denying filing a claim while you recover is challenging. Because of this, most victims seek the help of a burn injury lawyer. 

Burn injury lawyers advocate for the rights of victims and are well-versed in the intricacies of personal injury laws. Here’s how they can help: 

Comprehensive Case Evaluation

A burn injury lawyer will thoroughly evaluate your loved one’s case. They’ll gather evidence, medical records, and expert opinions to determine the extent of damages your family has suffered.

Your attorney will also consider medical expenses, lost wages, and future care needs when building their case. They’ll ensure that no aspect of their claim is overlooked.

Effective Negotiations

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to minimize payouts or undermine valid claims. But when you work with a burn injury lawyer, you can protect your loved ones from these tactics. 

They will use their expertise to get them fair and just compensation. Furthermore, their negotiation expertise will significantly increase the chances of winning a favorable settlement. 

Litigation Representation

If they can’t get you a fair settlement during negotiations, your attorney will bring your case to court. They will build a strong litigation strategy and advocate for your loved ones’ rights. 

With them by your side, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones have a voice in the courtroom. 

File Burn Injury Claims With Adamson Ahdoot Today

Don’t let the complexity of the legal justice system stop you or your loved ones from getting fair compensation. Let Adamson Ahdoot’s burn injury lawyers represent them today.

Adamson Ahdoot is a full-service civil litigation firm with over 100 years of combined legal experience. With our help, you can trust that the best lawyers will take care of your case with the intimacy and attention to detail of a boutique firm, with the expertise of a larger one.

Our compassionate attorneys will provide you with all the support and guidance you need during this difficult time. We’ll help you build a strong case by gathering evidence and assessing all the damages you’ve suffered. 

Adamson Ahdoot’s goal is to increase your chances of winning fair compensation. With our help, you can focus on healing while we represent you during negotiations. 

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