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Rise in Hate Crimes, Immigrant Labor Exploitation, and Disney Lawsuits

California’s August News Round-Up Features Civil Rights Violation Lawsuits, Dog Bites, and Plane, Train, or Boat Accidents During summer, forest fires are the cause of many accidents. Fires often cause numerous human and material losses. This was the case with the Maui fires. Although to a lesser extent, deaths and personal injury cases have also […]

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Maui Fires Cause Irreparable Damage

August 23, 2023 María López Garcia Accidents, Arson, Burns, disfigurement, Injury, Misconduct, Wrongful Death

Natural disasters strike without warning. The eruption of a volcano or a lightning strike can cause terrible forest fires that burn thousands of hectares. But, the statistics do not lie: 90% of fires are caused by human activity. These are often unintentionally negligent, causing widespread damage and loss of life. This was the case with […]

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Can California Wildfire Victims Get Payment for Damages?

August 4, 2023 María López Garcia Accidents, Arson, Fire, Negligence

Summer is historically the most dangerous time of year for wildfires. These events pose a potential threat to the lives of millions of residents. Especially for the citizens of California. The state is one of the most fire-prone areas in the country. Its climate and dry, flammable vegetation contribute to the rapid burning of many […]

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Athletes Sexually Assaulted, Hepatitis A in Strawberries, and 68 Killed in Traffic Accidents Over 4th of July Holiday

California’s July News Round-Up Features Sexual Abuse in Sports, Police Racism, and Dozens of Fatal Traffic Accidents Although the heat arrived late on the West Coast of the United States this year, Californians can confirm that the dog days of summer are here. In fact, they have been suffering its effects for several weeks now. […]

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Rape in Women’s Prisons, Airplane Sexual Assault, and a $100 Million Lawsuit for Police Brutality

California’s June News Round-Up Features Police Negligence, Dog Bites, and Child Sexual Abuse Cases The end of spring was filled with shocking news. Especially on the personal injury front. The case that took the world’s breath away was that of the Titan submersible. The experimental vessel with five people on board had a dramatic ending: […]

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High-Speed Police Chases Cause Collateral Damage

June 21, 2023 María López Garcia Accidents, Misconduct, Negligence, Police

Half of the LAPD Pursuit Victims are Pedestrians, and 25% of All Cases End with Injuries or Death The law aims to protect citizens against illegal and unlawful actions. But, what if some of the imprudent and reckless behavior is coming from law enforcement officers? While there must be a balancing act that fights between […]

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Can You Sue A Nursing Home for Neglect in California? 

June 15, 2023 María López Garcia Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Misconduct, Negligence, Premise Liability

Observed Annually Every June 15, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Exposes the Problems Many Seniors Face in Nursing Homes and Private Residences As individuals in a society with strong civil rights, we must consider and implement more restrictive measures to prevent the number of nursing home elder abuse and neglect cases in California from continuing […]

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Cop Sexually Assaults 200 Victims, $24M for Violation of Civil Rights, and Cancer-Causing Products

California’s May News Round-Up Features Sexual Abuse of the Elderly, Abuse of Authority, and Deadly Hit-and-Run Bicycle Cases Despite promising data that predicted fewer incidents due to National Bike Safety Month, it seems that the initiative has not had a positive effect. Especially considering that many of the injury crashes reported in California in May […]

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Police Misconduct: How Do I Sue The Police for Violating Civil Rights?

May 26, 2023 Alan Ahdoot Accidents, Assault, Gunshot Wound, Misconduct, Negligence, Police

Sometimes, police officers misuse their authority, leading to mistreatment and excessive use of force against defendants, convicts, and even innocent civilians. Although the police are granted broad powers to maintain public order, they have a responsibility to safeguard and respect the civil rights of all citizens and to prevent misconduct. If you have been a […]

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Women Police Officers Discriminated Against, More DUI Deaths, and $38 Million in Wrongful Deaths

California’s April News Round-Up Features Police Misconduct Scandals, Premises Liability Lawsuits, Deadly DUI Accidents, and Lethal Defective Products This month we bring you the freshest news and claims as if they were the blossoms of spring. Although the rain seems to have stopped, the personal injury caused by accidents in California seems to have hogged […]

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