$2.1M Settlement for Illegal U Turn Crash in California

$2.1M Settlement for a Car Accident

Our client was traveling northbound on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. At the same time, the defendant was driving in the opposite direction in the same lane. The accused driver made an illegal U-turn directly in front of our client, resulting in a violent collision. It’s important to note that careless U turns are not legal in residential districts in California. As a result, our client was hit on the left side of the car.

The individual who hit our client and the passengers had just exited SR-99 northbound. Our client’s car sustained serious injuries due to the force of the impact. They experienced lower back pain, headaches, neck pain, and trouble sleeping, among other things.

Liability was indisputable in this case. The defendant admitted in the deposition to negotiating an illegal U-Turn, which precipitated and solely caused the significant collision with our client’s vehicle. Any attempt at alleging comparative fault on behalf of our client was misguided, as a data download of our client’s vehicle’s Electronic Data Recorder (“EDR”) showed the plaintiff was driving at or below the speed limit for the entire 5 seconds before the collision. As previously mentioned, negligent u turns that alter the well-being of people living in residential districts are not legal.

Our client and their family received $2.1 million in compensation for personal injury and property damage after filing a lawsuit. The case was settled in court.

Verdict Date

January 2020




Los Angeles, CA

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