250K for a Rear End Vehicle Collision in San Francisco

$250K Settlement for Rear-End Accident

Our client was the driver of a vehicle backing out of a parking space. At the same time, the defendant driver failed to yield and struck the rear end of our client’s vehicle.

As a result of this collision, our client’s vehicle sustained extensive rear-end damage. As a result of this collision, our client also incurred a loss of use.

When leaving a parking lot, caution and attention are essential to avoid accidents and ensure safe driving. When visibility is limited, the speed of surrounding vehicles should be reasonably safe. Maneuvering in parking lots is often unpredictable. Failure to drive safely, as in the defendant’s case, results in rear end vehicle collisions.

Our client saw a doctor for evaluation of the injuries sustained due to the motor vehicle collision that occurred. The sharp blow from the rear impact, caused by the defendant’s carelessness and lack of diligence, resulted in prolonged pain and discomfort.

Our client complained of pain in their neck, shoulder, and lower back. Physical examination demonstrated tenderness in their shoulder, lumbar spine, and left sacroiliac joint; and painful range of motion in their cervical and lumbar spine.


July 2019




San Francisco

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