$175K Settlement After Slip And Fall At Walmart

$175K Mediated Settlement for Fall in Walmart

Our client was shopping at Walmart in Riverside, California. They proceeded to check out with a shopping cart. At one point, the customer suffered a slip and fall due to a small puddle of water and ice cubes scattered on the floor at the Walmart checkout counter. As a result, their legs slipped to different sides and fell to the floor, landing on their buttocks.

After the fall, Walmart employees did not rush immediately to render medical aid to our client. Instead, the victim lay in pain and waited for the employees to respond. They were trying to find a company representative to come and take an incident report.

As a result of this incident, the plaintiff suffered significant and recurring injuries. As discussed below, Walmart failed to exercise reasonable care to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition. And, this proximately caused our client’s serious injuries. Walmart failed to properly sweep and mop the checkout area, a high-traffic area near the cash registers where customers are sure to pass on their way out.

The Serious Injuries Suffered by the Victim After the Slip and Fall at the Riverside Walmart Store Led to a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Our client went to see a doctor at Sheridan Chiropractic, Inc. There, they were evaluated and received chiropractic treatment for the injuries sustained in the slip and fall at Walmart. The victim confirmed frequent, sharp, shooting pains in her left shoulder. They also had severe discomfort in her lower back and left leg/foot. They also experienced numbness in their legs.

Our client had other injuries from the fall, such as moderate headaches. The victim rated the severity of their headaches as 6/10, the intensity of their neck pain as 8/10, and their upper and lower back pain as 7/10.


September 2020




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