$1.5M Compensation for Rear End Crash in Hayward

$1.5M Recovery for a Rear-End Accident

Our clients were the driver and passengers of a vehicle traveling at a steady speed before it was involved in a rear end crash on a freeway in Hayward, California. At that time, the defendant was traveling at a high rate of speed directly behind our client’s vehicle. Our client slowed down and stopped for traffic ahead. However, the accused driver failed to yield and slammed into the rear of our client’s vehicle. As a result of this impact, our client’s vehicle sustained extensive rear-end damage.

Our clients were obeying all laws at the time of the accident. They behaved reasonably under the circumstances, consequently alleviating any comparative negligence issues.

Based on the foregoing, and based on the provided documentation, it was abundantly clear that liability solely rested with the defendant. Liability for the improper speed rear end crash in Hayward is undisputed in this case.

The defendant’s insurance company accepted liability in this matter. As such, our clients received full compensation for all economic and non-economic damages proximately caused by the defendant driver’s negligence. The personal injuries suffered by the victims include back pain, numbness, and acute back pain due to the force of the impact.


November 2021




San Jose

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