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Community and Connection via Coffee

February 24, 2023 Robert Jalon
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What do Ariana Grande and Adamson Ahdoot have in common? They both show South LA Cafe love! South LA Cafe, is a black-owned organization “focused on fighting racial, social, economic, and food inequity through coffee, community, and connection, providing an intersection of activism, social good, and entrepreneurship,” according to their website.

Their goal is to “create a community-driven and focused organization that provides a safe space and access to high-quality food for the local POC community.” With so many food deserts across the greater Los Angeles area, access to fresh fruit and vegetables is usually scarce. This is why founders Joe and Celia Ward-Wallace started their cafe, because as they say “after decades of living in a food desert, we wanted fresh, affordable, and healthy food options for ourselves and our neighbors.”

South LA Cafe has made quite an impact. (Photo Credit: South LA Cafe)

It was no surprise then that people like Grande are giving them a shout-out! In June 2020, the 7 Rings hitmaker posted a photo with a South LA coffee in her hand on Instagram. The singer was clearly impressed with both the coffee and the message.

Outreach team goes grocery

Now it’s the Adamson Ahdoot Outreach team‘s turn! The team will partner with the cafe for their monthly event on Saturday, February 25. It all kicks off at 12 p.m. and the team will help the cafe prepare for its March 1st grocery giveaway. They’ll assist with a grocery initiative, which will entail responsibilities such as sorting through donated food, packing into boxes, and any other needs the cafe has on the day.

Those that can’t be in attendance this weekend, can still make an impact. The cafe has a super-easy “sponsor a grocery box” option. Those that would like, can also donate funds. For community and connection, go to South LA Cafe!

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