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San Jose Accident Leaves a Young Girl Dead

January 1, 2021 Alan Ahdoot

In the early afternoon of December 30th, a young woman was struck and killed by a truck in San Jose California. This accident seemed to have happened at approximately 1:45 p.m. at around the 3600 block of Monterey Highway and the girl appears to be a juvenile and will have their next of kin informed once she is identified.

Investigators have revealed that the driver of the truck was attempting to get the truck off a trailer when the incident occurred. The girl had gotten onto the trailer in front of the truck and was subsequently struck by the truck as it rolled forward to get off the trailer. Soon after the incident, she was transported to the hospital but sadly still succumbed to her injuries after arriving.

This terrible accident shines a light on issues that are faced by pedestrians every day in America. The Governors Highway Safety Association has released data showing that pedestrian fatalities have been growing astronomically faster than all the other traffic-related deaths. There have been as many as 6,500 pedestrian fatalities in the year 2019 alone and this number is the highest that it has ever been in over 30 years.

This said there were another 150,000 pedestrians that had been injured due to automobiles in 2018 this information being provided by the National Safety Council. It seems that the lack of resources is to blame for a large portion of these fatalities and assists in impeding investigators ability to determine the cause in a lot of these cases. Candice Bond, an experienced pedestrian accident attorney had this to say on the subject, “Having the proper resources is extremely important in order to investigate a pedestrian accident case and prove negligence.”

It is well known that a driver should always be paying attention to their surroundings so that they can yield to any pedestrians they may get in their way. Because of this reason, the young girl’s family is very likely to be entitled to a wrongful death claim against the driver. The wrongful death claim allows family members that have lost loved ones to be compensated for their pain, suffering, and even loss of income in some cases. An attorney can help you to be compensated to the degree that you deserve and not the degree an insurance company tries to pressure you to take.

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