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Postal Worker Dies After Dog Attacks

September 15, 2022 María López Garcia

The USPS worker’s van broke down in front of a yard with five dogs

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A postal employee has died from injuries sustained following dog attacks. The postal delivery vehicle broke down outside a home with five dogs.

Pamela Rock, a 61-year-old female, was en route delivering USPS mail in Florida when the incident occurred. Putnam County Official Joseph Wells stated that the dogs managed to get off the property by removing rocks that were part of the fenced yard.

According to witnesses, many neighbors rushed to help when they heard Rock’s screams for help. The woman was on the ground being brutally mauled.  

Both the dog owners and several neighbors immediately tried to keep the dogs away. “One of the neighbors even brought his firearm along and fired several shots into the air and to the ground in an attempt to disrupt the attack,” Wells stated at a press conference. However, these attempts were unsuccessful, and they had to physically take each of the dogs off the woman.

When police arrived, Rock was on the ground bleeding. Wells confirmed that officers applied tourniquets and first aid until the paramedics arrived. However, when she made it to the hospital, she had to be airlifted to a specialized facility due to her critical condition.

Despite attempts to keep her alive, the severity of her injuries resulted in her death.

The Dogs Had Caused Previous Incidents

After the tragic death, the police initiated an investigation to bring those responsible to face the appropriate legal charges. Following the dogs’ attacks, the animal control department took custody of the five animals, who will be humanely euthanized. The owner refused to take custody of the dogs.

Wells said in a press conference that the dogs had caused other mishaps before. The Sheriff stated there had been previous calls reporting dangerous animals in the area. Neighbors confirmed to the press that the dogs used to jump over the fence or go under it frequently.

A USPS worker died after experiencing a violent attack by five dogs. The animals had escaped from a property’s yard.

More than 5,400 Dog Attacks on Postal Workers Each Year

This tragic death is among a high number of incidents caused by dogs on postal employees each year. According to a report released by the U.S. Postal Service in June, more than 5,400 dog attacks on postal workers occur annually.

The data shows California as the state with the most dog bites accidents, with 787 in 2020, and 656 in 2021. Los Angeles, in particular, is the 4th city in the country with the most dog attacks, with 44 last year. San Diego ranks 11th, with 31 in 2021.

Injured by Dog Attacks in Los Angeles? 

Dog attacks are more common than we think. The consequences of a dog bite can result in devastating injuries or even death. Although some breeds are more dangerous than others, all dogs can bite depending on the circumstances.

If you or a family member has been seriously affected by dog attacks, it is time to report it. Don’t miss the opportunity to regain the peace of mind and financial peace of mind you desire. It is the responsibility of the owner to be accountable for the behavior of their pets.

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