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Pedestrian Seriously Injured on Senter Rd After Being Struck By Vehicle in San Jose

December 31, 2020 Alan Ahdoot

A person was walking in San Jose, California recently when a car struck the individual and brought on a significant physical injury. This took place at Forestbook Way and Senter Road. The police indicate that the intersection incident happened at night. It happened early on in the evening at roughly 5:20. That’s precisely when police officers initially took note of the situation. Causes of the accident are not understood at this point.

The victim’s injuries weren’t in any sense light or minor. They were actually potentially fatal. Workers shut up Senter Road from the two sides. They did this in the middle of Hellyer Avenue and Nakomis Drive. People do not know how long this area was shut off to the public.

Police are in the midst of investigating this significant crash and all of its consequences.

Since the accident was a severe and extensive one, paramedics headed straight to the location to take action. The same thing applies to representatives from the local fire department. Once these professionals got there, they discovered the crash victim dealing with injuries that were possibly deadly. These injuries were a consequence of the impact of the intense collision. After they made that discovery, they responded swiftly. Medical team members hurried the affected individual to the nearest hospital. The aim at that time was to get the person prompt treatment that could potentially be lifesaving. Police offers did not provide the members of the general public with specific details about the individual who was harmed. People do not know the individual’s full name at all. They also do not know about any specific medical status components.

The assessment does not indicate whether the driver in question ceased moving once the victim was hit. People also have no idea about any circumstances that may have brought on the crash in the first place.

Information about this situation popped up on social media after a bit of time. The San Jose Police Media Relations division has an account on Twitter, one of the most widely known social networks around. They posted a tweet that gave the public some quick details about everything that took place. The message talked about the victim being in the hospital for treatments for injuries that were possibly fatal. It also promised to give everyone additional information at a later time. They posted this message a little after 9:00 at night.

People who want to acquire additional information about this crash and all of its effects may want to check back more in the near future.

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