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Nursing Home Sexual Assault Lawsuits, 15-Year-Old Autistic Person Shot, and Fatal Hit-and-Run at Bus Stop

April 17, 2024 María López Garcia
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California’s March News Round-Up Features Personal Injury Lawsuits at Two Schools, Catastrophic Hospital Injury Claim, and Negligent Workplace Accidents

Without a doubt, the most high-profile injury story in California in March 2024 involves singer Sean “Diddy” Combs. The rapper has been in the media spotlight following a sex scandal investigation for multiple allegations of rape and sex trafficking.

In addition to sex crimes lawsuits, this month has been filled with all kinds of injuries. One of the stories that made headlines was the assault of a passenger by a rideshare driver. The man is facing federal hate crime charges after refusing to give a ride to a Jewish person and then punching the victim in the face.

Another similar attack took place in Riverside. A 65-year-old woman was the victim of road rage when the driver of a speeding vehicle stopped his car and violently hit her in the face.

These events are just the latest in a long list of incidents in California. Sadly, the state has once again experienced numerous pedestrian accidents involving hit-and-run and drunk drivers.

On the other hand, March also reports some specific cases of injury to people with autism. The first occurred at a group home for adults with autism, where multiple people with disabilities were slapped or bullied. The second case involved police negligence. Several San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies shot a 15-year-old boy with autism who was having a mental breakdown in his home three times.

California Personal Injury News Highlights for March 2024

In this post, we will share the latest news about personal injury in California during March 2024. Continuing the recent trend, the Golden State has once again seen numerous traffic accidents affecting pedestrians. This month, we’ll also cover new lawsuits related to discrimination and sex crimes.

In addition to stories about workplace injuries, March continues to bring shocking news about police misconduct. Most notably, Los Angeles County jail deputies: 2023 was one of the deadliest years in the last 10 years.

And, as always, we expose various defective products and incidents that have caused injuries in the food and automotive industries.

If you feel identified or have experienced a similar situation, do not hesitate to seek legal help. We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your losses by calling (800) 310-1606.

California personal injury news for March 2024 includes death by bullying, discrimination at elite social clubs, and sexual allegations against school districts.

Forklift Accidents, Electrocution Burns, and Heat Injury Hazards

Practice Area: Workplace Injuries

This new update on personal injury starts with a few workplace incidents. First, a worker died mid-month after being trapped under a forklift at the Port of Los Angeles. The importance of workplace safety is critical for any job involving heavy machinery. At Adamson Ahdoot, we have experience compensating injured victims of forklift accidents.

Another case that nearly claimed the lives of two workers took place in San Jose. Two contractors were seriously injured with burns after being electrocuted when they came in contact with the power line. While PG&E’s negligence is under investigation, the two workers injured in the workplace accident are entitled to compensation under California workers’ compensation law.

On the other hand, the high temperatures have raised the alarm for some California workers. The heat is particularly dangerous for those who work outdoors, such as farmers and landscapers. But, it also affects indoor jobs such as warehouse workers and cooks. Among other things, OSHA wants to ensure workers’ rights to basic services such as water or rest breaks in places where temperatures exceed 82 degrees. Otherwise, any injury caused by failure to comply with these measures could result in a workers’ compensation claim.

Personal Injury Claims Against Two California Schools and California Hospital

Practice Area: Premises Liability

Several students have been the victims of school negligence. One of the most shocking news stories came from Manual Arts High School. A 16-year-old girl died at the end of the month after enduring months of bullying. The student was assaulted several times by other classmates, and on March 15, 2024, she died of a brain injury from the assaults she suffered at the California school. Now, the girl’s mother is accusing the Los Angeles Unified School District of inaction and negligence.

Separately, a substitute teacher in California’s R-1 school district has been charged with assaulting a fourth-grade student. He was accused of holding the student in a headlock. Separately, a Folsom High School student has sued the district after being partially blinded during a school activity. The incident occurred during an event in which students wore inflatable bubble suits. The lawsuit alleges that the district failed to provide instructions and warnings regarding the use of such suits. The injury occurred after three students collided.

Additionally, a public hospital was the subject of a medical malpractice claim. The events occurred in 2017, when the patient went to West Hills Hospital for abdominal pain. However, he was unable to find a doctor or nurse to treat his injuries. After waiting for 16 hours, the patient’s condition worsened. This resulted in a brain injury that left him without breathing for more than 14 minutes. The victim’s family is now suing the hospital for catastrophic injury.

Hillscrest Country Club and San Francisco State University Discrimination Cases

Practice Area: Civil Rights Violations

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, one of the most controversial cases this month combines civil rights violations and assault. The attack by a ride-share driver on a passenger because of his Jewish heritage, unfortunately, shows that discrimination and hatred based on religion and nationality are widespread in society.

In fact, even the wealthiest families in California suffer some form of discrimination within their inner circles. This is exactly what happened to a member of the prestigious Hillcrest Country Club, a historically Jewish organization. The exclusive and elite Los Angeles social club is being sued by the son of a Bel-Air billionaire for racial discrimination and civil rights violations. The plaintiff alleges that he was denied membership in the private club on racial grounds. Specifically, because his wife and children are of Latino descent.

In addition, a former San Francisco State University employee who was assigned to handle discrimination and sexual conduct cases is suing the university for retaliation. He alleges that several members of the institution attempted to interfere with his investigation by silencing cases involving hundreds of students.

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against California School Districts and Nursing Home Chain

Practice Area: Sexual Harassment or Abuse

Regarding sex crimes, two formal lawsuits were filed against two California school districts. In the first case, the San Francisco Unified School District agreed to pay $4.5 million to two victims. The students claim they were sexually abused by a former school employee between 2012 and 2016. The plaintiffs also accuse the district of negligence for failing to protect them from such acts.

The other lawsuit involves the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Two former students allege negligence after being sexually abused by a theater teacher. The claim alleges that SRVHS received numerous complaints about the teacher’s inappropriate behavior. However, they failed to notify the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing as required by law.

In addition, California-based Mariner Health just reached a settlement following allegations of physical and sexual assault at several of its facilities. The nursing home chain agreed to pay more than $15 million to settle multiple lawsuits. The Division of Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse and several district attorneys filed charges against Mariner’s 19 facilities.

Besides assaults in ridesharing vehicles, there have also been sexual incidents. A former Uber driver was accused of sexually assaulting a woman he transported last year. The defendant now faces felony sexual assault and misdemeanor assault charges.

Meanwhile, Laurence Andries, a Hollywood producer, has been charged with six felony counts, including sodomy. The indictment alleges that Andries, known for producing such titles as “How to Get Away With Murder,” drugged and sexually assaulted a man he mentored.

Prison Sexual Abuse Charges and 15-year-old with Autism Fatally Shot

Practice Area: Police Misconduct

Following the police misconduct news, we pick up on a case mentioned in the February newsletter. Due to a serious history of sexual abuse of female inmates by staff at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, a judge has ruled that new rules must be enforced through external oversight. Eight staff members, including a warden, have been charged with sexual abuse.

Continuing the dynamic of sexual abuse in correctional facilities, an officer is facing nine felony counts of sexual assault of a minor. The corrections officer, a member of a juvenile detention center, is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl who was under his supervision.

On the other hand, as we discussed at the beginning of this blog, several San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies are under investigation after fatally shooting a 15-year-old teenager with autism. Following the release of the body camera video of one of the deputies, mental health experts have raised alarms about the questionable police response. According to the family, they called authorities after the young man had a mental breakdown. Police had previously responded to the family’s home five times for the same reason.

Pedestrian Deaths, Fatal Hit and Run at Bus Stop, and Several Multiple Injury Crashes

Practice Area: Traffic Accidents

Once again, pedestrians are the main victims of traffic deaths and injuries in California in March 2024. One of the most tragic news stories took place at a bus stop in San Francisco. Two adults and a child were killed after a vehicle crashed into the bus shelter. Also in San Francisco, a woman was arrested for drunk driving after fatally running over an elderly man. Another similar case occurred in San Jose, where a drunk driver fatally struck a pedestrian on Interstate 280.

There were also several hit-and-runs involving pedestrians. One occurred on Santa Monica Boulevard where a resident was seriously injured. The other hit-and-run happened in Antioch and resulted in the pedestrian’s death.

There were also several multi-vehicle accidents on California roads this month. One involved a wrong-way driver after an attempted robbery of a tobacco store. The vehicle was fleeing when it struck two other cars, leaving three seriously injured and one dead. Two other multi-vehicle crashes left two and three victims injured in Santa Clarita and Sacramento.

Man phones 911 after injury accident in California.

Recalls of Sargento’s Cheese and General Motors Trucks

Practice Area: Product Liability

Several vehicles were recalled this month. The first companies to act were Chrysler and General Motors. Chrysler recalled more than 330,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles for a steering wheel problem that could lead to loss of control. GM, on the other hand, has announced the addition of 820,000 trucks to its previous recall of about 570,000 vehicles. Apparently, water could leak into the exterior tailgate and cause a short circuit.

On the other hand, Takata airbags continue to cause problems for the automotive industry. Dodge and Chrysler have warned 285,000 sedan owners to take the airbags in for replacement. Otherwise, they could explode and injure the car’s occupants.

In food news, Walmart has recalled its cashews from its online stores. An investigation found that there were manufacturing defects. Apparently, different types of cashews were mislabeled, which can cause allergies and adverse reactions.

In addition, the listeria outbreak that began in California a decade ago continues to wreak havoc across the country. Now, food manufacturer Sargento has pulled its shredded cheese from the market because of possible contamination. Meanwhile, Trader Joe’s has recalled its chicken soup dumplings because of possible plastic residue.

Chick-fil-A has also put the health of its consumers at risk. The fast-food chain is temporarily removing its famous Polynesian sauce from the menu due to concerns about undeclared allergens.

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