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Los Angeles man gets $300,000 for injuries caused by police during protest

May 12, 2022 Robert Jalon

David Bond contends he was peacefully protesting when he sustained permanent injuries

On Wednesday, April 27, the Los Angeles City Council authorized a $300,000 lawsuit settlement for a man who lost a testicle after being shot by a police projectile during a 2020 demonstration over the murder of George Floyd.

In his federal lawsuit last year, David Bond claimed that “the LAPD’s decision to shoot him with a projectile represented “excessive and unreasonable force” and a lack of training and oversight, and violated his civil rights.”

The Los Angeles City Council agreed to a settlement of David Bond’s federal lawsuit, which agreed the LAPD used excessive force and violated his constitutional rights by firing a rubber projectile during a protest against police brutality and Floyd’s death by Minneapolis cops. The L.A. native claimed “permanent disfigurement” and demanded $2 million from the city in damages.

Bond wanted to put the ordeal behind him, however, and a mediated settlement was agreed upon in January. According to the Los Angeles Times, it was one of the first among the numerous claims filed against LAPD conduct during the May and June 2020 protests, which drew thousands of people to the streets.

As a result of the settlement, the LAPD has introduced reforms and new training for officers in the use of less-lethal projectiles. It is yet another incident of violence for the LAPD, like the altercation between an inmate and officer that resulted in the officer kneeling on the inmate’s head once he was subdued.

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