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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident on I-10 Near Overland Ave

January 3, 2021 Alan Ahdoot

There is currently an ongoing investigation being performed by the California Highway Patrol. The investigation is into a motorcycle accident that happened on the I-10 freeway near the Overland Avenue exit. The accident occurred on Tuesday, December 30th, 2020 and minor injuries did result from the accident. The California Highway Patrol explained the exact time the accident transpired and the exact location where the incident happened. The exact location was on the I- 10 freeway’s eastbound side and the time that the incident occurred was 4:12 p.m. An individual that witnessed the accident gave their account to the California Highway Patrol. The individual stated that the motorcycle was basically switching in and out of lanes and eventually hit another vehicle’s back.  

When emergency responders arrived at the accident scene, they saw that multiple vehicles were blocking the freeway’s number one lane. The report did not have any information if any of the individuals involved in the accident were hospitalized or not. However, the report did show that individuals were treated for minor injuries at the crash site. The report also showed that the only vehicle that was towed away was the motorcycle. Given the information from this report by the California Highway Patrol, it seems to be that the driver of the motorcycle was at fault. This report also highlights that just because an individual is driving a smaller vehicle, it does not mean that the driver’s actions cannot be negligent and Reckless.

In the above case, a good attorney specializing in motor vehicle accidents will be needed to represent the motorcycle driver and the car driver that the motorcycle crashed into the back of. Here is another example of a crash incident where a good attorney may be needed. This attorney may even have to be a specialist because this crash was a single-vehicle crash. So the attorney will have to find out if things such as road construction or a vehicle malfunction caused the crash. If either of these significant factors causes a single-vehicle crash, this could lead to a massive lawsuit against a company performing construction, manufacturing the vehicle, etc. On December 27th, 2020, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a single-vehicle crash in San Pedro, California. When the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene, they had discovered a vehicle that had fallen off the cliff and the driver was found deceased at the scene.

The authorities did obtain video footage of this crash and it showed the vehicle going through a rail and falling 300 to 400 ft down the cliff. This is currently still an ongoing investigation and the authorities are still trying to figure out all of the circumstances surrounding this crash, including what could have caused the crash. In either one of these accidents, an experienced attorney will be needed. If you are an individual who needs an experienced attorney to assist you, if you were in any type of motor vehicle accident, contact the law firm of Adamson Ahdoot.   

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