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Fatal Crash Involving a 30-Year-Old Los Angeles Mother and Her son

December 30, 2020 Alan Ahdoot

Road-rage has killed a 30-year-old mother and critically hurting her 9-year-old son, on November 28, at around 6:35 pm, last month an angry driver operating a GMC SUV and the passenger who pulled a gun on a 19-year-old driver who was in a Mitsubishi Outlander. What started road-rage is uncertain. The driver in the GMC SUV obstructs the Outlander vehicle and things quickly escalated. The driver being offended by the rage of the driver in the SUV who was driving recklessly, fearing for his safety, and trying to avoid the outraged driver operating the SUV.

The driver in the Mitsubishi begins trying to navigate by driving around the mad driver and the passenger in the GMC SUV, in fear that he would be shot. The afraid driver who was been chased by the other vehicle decided to maneuver around and the result was running into opposite traffic. In doing so he drove eastbound on 43red, the mad driver who was in the SUV then followed the Outlander chasing him down the 43red block.

The driver who was being attacked approached Hooper Avenue he then ran a stop sign entering the intersection at a very fast speed and crashing straight into a 2020 Toyota Corolla, causing the car to hit a phone pole, as well as hitting a mother and her child who were both standing at the intersection at the Southeast corner of the block.

The 19-year-old man who was driving the Outlander vehicle did remain at the scene of the crash and he tends to give the Las Angeles Police whatever information they may need to do as an ongoing investigation of the tragic incident. Even though the driver of the Outlander didn’t drive away and is cooperating with authorities he is still facing criminal charges. The other driver who was chasing him stop for a second and proceeded to drive away.

After this horrific crash, the 30-year-old mother was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her son will recover but had to undergo surgery because of the severe head trauma that he suffered.

Luciana Gonzalez has left behind her husband, 2 kids, the son who was a victim alongside his mother, as well as a daughter.

This is a very sad and unfortunate tragedy that happens more often than we want to realize. This young mother and wife have lost her life and now she leaves behind a mourning husband, a son, and a daughter. If anyone has any information about this tragedy will you please contact the Las Angeles Police with any details?

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