Falling Boat Triggers Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 99

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Falling Boat Triggers Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 99

October 1, 2020 Alan Ahdoot

On Friday, September 23rd, a multi-vehicle crash was reported to have occurred on Highway 99, between White Lane and Stockdale Highway. It is unknown how many vehicles were involved and whether anyone was injured from the incident.

However, the incident seems to have been caused by a boat falling off from a trailer. As a result of the accident, several lanes on Highway 99 were closed temporarily.

Can You Still Be Sued If You Were Found Not Guilty in A Car Accident?

Yes, you can. This is because the cases, even though they came from the same event, are treated in different courts. Car accident cases that involve criminal acts (drinking under the influence, involuntary manslaughter) would go to the criminal court, while lawsuits are processed in civil courts.

Thus, it is very possible that a driver who was found not guilty in a car accident, to still be sued when found negligent by a civil court. If you’d like to consult your case with us to see what legal actions you should take if you are at risk of being served, call us at (877) 871-3256.

Source: KGET

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