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6-Year-Old Boy Injured from Motorcycle Crash in Sylmar

November 10, 2020 Alan Ahdoot

On Sunday, October 25th, a motorcycle was reported to have been involved in a hit-and-run incident in Sylmar with a 6-year-old boy. The incident happened at around 6:30 p.m., between Cobalt Street and Encinitas Avenue. The child was with their older brothers and his father when the hit-and-run accident happened.

The motorcyclist, who was carrying a black and white Suzuki motorcycle, crashed into the child and did not provide aid before immediately fleeing the scene with his motorcycle. However, the motorcyclist removed his helmet shortly after the incident, since he also fell down from his motorcycle when the crash happened. Eyewitnesses who caught a glimpse of the motorcyclist reported that he is a Latino man in his 20s with black hair, and was wearing black clothing. He has yet to turn himself in and is currently being sought by the Los Angeles Police Department. The boy survived the crash and is currently receiving treatment in the hospital for his injuries.

What Can You Do if Your Child Was Injured in a Vehicular Accident?

It is devastating to know that your child was injured from a car accident when they were under your watch, just like the case above. However, you can still pursue justice on your child’s behalf, even if the at-fault driver wasn’t facing criminal charges. You can do this by filing a claim against the driver responsible. There are several things to prepare when you are planning to file a claim on behalf of an underage victim. To know more about what your legal options are, call us at (800) 310-1606 to get a free consultation, available at any time of day.

Source: KTLA

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