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$1M Recovered for Semi-Truck Transport Rear End Accident

In May 2021, our client was the driver of a black Acura traveling westbound on 210 Highway in California. At that time, the defendant was driving a semi-truck transport vehicle directly behind our client’s vehicle at a high rate of speed. As our client slowed down to the pace of traffic, the defendant failed to yield to the slowing traffic and slammed into the rear of our client’s vehicle.

Our client presented to the emergency department at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center for evaluation and treatment of the injuries they sustained from the motor vehicle collision that occurred that day. They complained of constant, gradual, and pressure-type sensational headaches that wrapped like a band around their back, pain in their neck, and dizziness. Their symptoms included lightheadedness, vertigo, numbness and tingling around her arms, legs, and face; and generalized weakness.

Physical examination demonstrated tenderness to palpation in the bilateral cervical extensor, sternocleidomastoid muscle, and scalene. They were diagnosed with Cervicalgia and low back pain. As a result, they underwent an Electroencephalogram. The study revealed an abnormal electroencephalogram due to bifrontal slowing. They also underwent an MRI, which showed disk protrusions at various sections of the spine. A subsequent MRI of the client’s brain revealed an old focal micro hemorrhage involving the left thalamus that could be post-traumatic and an increase in perivascular space burden could be seen.

When their pain did not subside, they had a further MRI of their spine. Disk protrusions continued to be seen upon the anterior portion of the thecal sac as well as the presence of Mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. As a result of their pain, they underwent a transforaminal selective nerve root block into the posterolateral aspect of the lumbar superior articular process under local anesthesia with fluoroscopic guidance.

Post-procedure, our client continued to suffer from Cervicalgia, Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar herniated nucleus pulposus, Cervical spine stenosis, Thoracic back pain, Lumbago, Cervical and lumbar radiculopathy, Facet joint syndrome, and Muscle spasms. Doctors recommended further cervical facet medial branch block injections and spinal surgery.


March 2023




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