$175K for Severe Injuries After Being Rear Ended

$175K Settlement for Rear-End Accident

Our client was traveling southbound on 101 Freeway in Petaluma, California. At that time, the defendant was operating a vehicle directly behind our client’s vehicle. As the victim stopped the vehicle due to the traffic ahead, the defendant failed to yield to the stationary vehicle and slammed into the rear of our client’s vehicle. As a result of being rear ended, our client sustained serious injuries and extensive damage to their vehicle.

Our client visited a doctor at Toth Chiropractic for an evaluation and treatment of injuries sustained after being rear ended in the motor vehicle accident. They complained of constant headaches and constant neck pain. In addition, they had discomfort in their right shoulder, upper and lower back, and left hip. Tests revealed that the pain in the left foot had to do with spasms.

They rated the severity of the neck pain as 9/10, right shoulder as 6-7/10, and back pain as 8-9/10. Furthermore, they had difficulty dressing, sleeping, playing with children, bending, walking, and performing work duties due to the pain. Since sustaining serious injuries in the rear-end collision, our client’s quality of life was altered.


December 2022




Bay Area San Francisco

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