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What Is the Timeframe for Reporting an Uber Accident in California?

October 19, 2023 Alan Ahdoot
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In the bustling streets of California, Uber has become an integral part of people’s lives. The ride-sharing app has helped thousands of Californians get safe and convenient rides at the tap of a button. Although Uber promises safe and smooth trips to its customers, it’s still prone to accidents like any other mode of transportation. In these cases, what is the timeframe to report an Uber accident?

Recent statistics show that over 91 fatal Uber accidents occurred from 2019 to 2020, which led to around 101 deaths. This number shows that despite the app’s promise, you are still at high risk. 

With this in mind, this blog is here to teach you how to report Uber accidents in California.  

How Long Do You Have to Report An Uber Accident in California?

Under California law, the timeframe to report an Uber accident is 24 hours. The parties involved must notify the California Highway Patrol or their local police department.

Incidents that resulted in an injury, death, or property damage worth more than $1,000 must be reported within ten days. 

What Happens If You Fail to Report An Uber Accident?

Uber drivers could face penalties if they failed to report the incident and an injured victim files a complaint against them. 

On the other hand, no law in California punishes injured victims like you for failing to file a proper police report. However, this could affect your right to file a personal injury claim against the other party.

We suggest you report the accident immediately to increase your chances of getting fair compensation.  

What to Do After An Uber Accident

If you were involved in an Uber accident, here’s what you need to do before you can report it:

Pull Over

Ask your driver to stop the vehicle immediately after the incident. Tell them to find a safe area to pull the car over if possible. Once the vehicle is parked, ensure the driver turns on his hazard lights. Stay inside the car and wait for help to arrive. 

Check For Injuries

Check if you or the driver has been injured. If there are injuries, you need to call 911 immediately. 

As part of Uber’s commitment to safety, they have added an emergency feature to its app that allows drivers and riders to call 911 during accidents. If you use this, the app will automatically share their location with first responders.

It’s important to note that even though there are no visible injuries, you still have to call 911. Getting an assessment from a medical professional is the only way to ensure that none of you have been injured. 

Call The Police

Once you get immediate medical attention, you must call local authorities and file a proper police report. 

We also suggest you get a copy of the police report for future reference. This document is vital for filing personal injury claims against the negligent party. 

Document The Incident

Take photos of the accident scene if you can. Make sure to include the damage that all the involved vehicles sustained. It would also help to document the surrounding area where the incident happened.

These photos can help authorities determine liability and improve the credibility of your claims. 

Man sitting on the driver seat
Drivers and passengers can report accidents using Uber’s app. 

How to Report An Uber Accident

Depending on whether you’re the driver or passenger, you can report an accident to Uber in three ways. 

Uber drivers can log onto the app and report the crash. They must provide details of the incident, including clear photos of all four sides of their vehicle, even if there’s no visible damage. 

In cases where the driver was with or was picking up a passenger when the incident occurred, it will be covered by Uber’s commercial insurance policy. The same rule applies if they were in an accident while waiting for a ride. 

Injured passengers like you can also use the app to report an accident. You will have to fill up a form outlining the details of the incident. Once you submit it, Uber will investigate to determine who should be liable for your injuries. 

Aside from this, you have to option to call the company at 1-800-354-8237, or you can email them via support@uber.com. 

Liability For Uber Accidents

Determining liability for Uber accidents is more challenging than most people think. This is because ride-share drivers are considered independent contractors, not employees. Being a contractor means they will be liable for any incidents or injuries they cause. 

Before a driver can work under Uber’s contract, the company requires them to have their own liability insurance coverage. But aside from this, the company must provide additional insurance under California laws.

This additional insurance is the policy that Uber uses to cover incidents that occurred while the driver was logged onto their app. If the contractor was on standby during the accident, Uber will provide them with a $50,000 coverage. 

On the other hand, if the crash happened while the driver was driving a passenger, the company has a $1 million liability policy they can use. The policy includes bodily injury and collision coverage. 

But what if the driver wasn’t logged in? In that case, the driver will be personally liable for any damages or injuries the victims suffer. They can’t go after Uber since the at-fault driver was not using their app at the time of the accident. 

Should You Hire A Lawyer For Uber Accidents? 

Accidents like these, regardless of their severity, can be traumatizing. It’s even made difficult by the complex legal proceedings victims like you have to deal with. 

If you need help finding out the timeframe and how to report an Uber accident, the attorneys at Adamson Adhoot are here to help.

If you need help filing a reporting an Uber accident, Adamson Adhoot’s lawyers are here to help.

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Adamson Ahdoot’s goal is to increase your chances of winning fair compensation. With our help, you can focus on healing while we fight for your rights. 

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