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What’s Happening With the New Los Angeles Bridge?

August 8, 2022 María López Garcia
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The 6th Street Viaduct has already been the scene of some distinctly dangerous acts after only being open a few weeks

On July 10, the newest bridge in Los Angeles was inaugurated after years of great anticipation. This $588 million piece of art, as many have called it, provides a remarkable panoramic view of the city. However, since its unveiling, chaos, accidents, and bizarre scenes have taken center stage.

Despite the good architectural reviews of this masterpiece, concerns surrounding the behavior of some citizens on the bridge have been increasing in recent weeks. There have been frequent disturbances or incidents that have led to police closing the bridge more than six times in the two weeks.

One of the most frequent acts of vandalism is street racing and the theatrics of some drivers doing donuts. Likewise, street takeovers, protests, and graffiti are very common at night. Traffic accidents have also happened, such as the three-car accident that occurred after a street takeover. The driver at fault left his car and fled the scene, though he was later caught.

However, it is not only drivers who have made a scene on the bridge. The attention has given way to some surreal events, such as a man sitting in a barbershop chair between the lanes while he was getting his haircut.

There have been skateboarders doing tricks, and even arrests of young people climbing the arches of the structure for sport as well.

Although police handed out 57 tickets and impounded six vehicles last weekend, it seems the LAPD is not hitting the mark in preventing these types of incidents. In fact, one Friday night saw more than 200 people gathered to take over the street and set off fireworks, just an hour after the police reopened after a two-hour closure.

On the other hand, the design of the structure has also been harshly criticized by John Yi in recent days. According to the executive director of Los Angeles Walks, the bridge lacks, among other things, efficient safety for pedestrians and bicyclists by not having a center median. However, it seems that complaints have had an effect and measures are already being taken to ensure the safety of walkers and bikers.

A “New Landmark” in the City that Needs to Implement Security Measures

Despite recent incidents, Mayor Eric Garcetti believes the construction is “overwhelmingly positive” for Los Angeles. According to Garcetti, it is “our generation’s love letter to the city.”

To make the construction even more epic, it has been confirmed that two recreational areas are planned to be built on each side. On the downtown side, there will be a garden with seating and an area for games and performances, among others; on the Boyle Heights side, there are plans for a skate park, picnic area, or even soccer or basketball fields.

However, following the general concern about the recent altercations, the mayor assured in a statement that the city is going to take “immediate action to ensure the bridge is safe and accessible for everyone.”

As a result of the numerous tickets and citations that were issued last week, the police are going to implement actions to reduce the number of incidents. As confirmed last Tuesday by LAPD Chief Michel Moore, plastic barriers will be installed to prevent lane crossings. Likewise, there will also be speed bumps on the road to prevent adrenaline fanatics from carrying out more illegal races.

The authorities also consider that the installation of surveillance cameras may be one of the most effective measures.

One of the recommendations suggested by the Los Angeles City Council’s Public Works Committee is to fund a budget of $706,000 to remove graffiti and establish frequent maintenance to keep the structure in good condition.

To ensure that the illegal activity from the first few weeks does not happen again, the LAPD has been conducting traffic stops since last Sunday to control any inappropriate activity on the bridge.

Authorities are compelled to install these measures to instill tranquility and ask those who vandalize to “pause and recognize that this is a figure or a location in Los Angeles that we all want to be proud of.” Moore stated that illegal activities must be stopped in order to “show the world that we are a world-class city.”

First-class alternative for an iconic landmark

The bridge, also called the “Ribbon of Light” for its thousands of lights and tilted arches, has the tough task of replacing the old Art Deco. The historic bridge, built in 1932, was an emblem for the city. The old structure has witnessed the most iconic scenes from Hollywood and beyond: from Grease to Terminator to the legendary game Grand Theft Auto.

However, its deterioration due to a chemical reaction caused severe cracking that made it vulnerable to potential earthquakes. In 2016, the demolition process began.

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