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Multi-Car Collision in Fresno Was the Tragic Scene of Stockton Woman’s Death

May 4, 2022 Robert Jalon

The tragic accident calls into question who could be responsible for a multi-vehicle accident.

A multi-car collision in Stockton on State Route 99 was the scene of a Stockton woman’s tragic death, reports the California Highway Patrol. The multi-vehicle crash occurred on April 26th at approximately 3:15 a.m. and has led to questions as to who is liable.

The deceased victim was named as 66-year-old Aloma Waith.

The six-car pileup occurred when the driver of the Dodge Stratus, Waith, lost control of her vehicle (for unknown reasons) and veered off into the center median. According to a news release, Waith then overcorrected and steered her car across all northbound lanes of SR 99, crashing into the right shoulder. After crashing, Waith got out of the vehicle to fix the rear bumper, with the car sitting in one lane of traffic.

A man driving a Nissan Murano stopped behind the woman trying to fix her bumper, but another driver behind both cars did not see the Dodge or the Nissan and crashed into the Nissan. The impact of the collision pushed the Nissan into the Dodge, propelling both the Waith and her car into the number one lane. Two other vehicles crashed into the Nissan following the first impact.

Waith was pronounced dead at the scene, reports the CHP. Authorities have since rescued her two dogs, who were with her at the time of the accident and in the vehicle.

The other drivers suffered minor injuries in the crash. An investigation has not revealed if drugs or alcohol played a role in the tragic multi-car accident.

Who is Liable in a Multi-Car Accident?

When two vehicles are involved in an accident, it’s typically one of the drivers involved who is found at fault. But, who is liable in a multi-car accident or chain reaction accident as they are also called. When three or more vehicles are involved in a collision, it can be difficult to determine who is liable. And despite what you may have heard, it’s not always the last driver to crash who is liable.

Every case is different, but in many situations involving three or more cars, the driver who caused the initial crash is usually found at fault for the accident. However, in some cases, several parties can be found liable. For example:

If Driver 1 was following too closely behind Driver 2 and rear-ends Driver 2, Driver 1 is liable for the damages associated with Driver 2’s injuries. Driver 3 doesn’t see the accident because he’s texting on his phone and crashes into Driver 1. Driver 3 is now responsible for the damages related to Driver 1’s injuries.

As you can see, when several cars are involved in a crash, determining liability can be confusing.

If you’ve sustained an injury in a multi-car accident, it’s highly recommended you hire a skilled attorney. Dealing with several parties and their insurance carriers can be challenging without a knowledgeable attorney by your side.

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