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Guard Shot in Armored Truck Robbery

August 19, 2022 María López Garcia
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California police are looking into an assault and robbery of an armored truck at the Hustler Casino in Gardena. A security guard was taken to the hospital after being seriously injured by a gunshot wound while on the job.

On the morning of August 4, two security guards were moving cash out of the casino when the incident took place. The pair were attacked by a trio of armed robbers while traveling their route, which led to a gunfight.

According to Gardena PD’s District One Lieutenant, Christopher Cuff, authorities and medical services responded to an emergency call of shots fired around 10 a.m. When they arrived at the scene of the incident, one security guard was slightly injured and another was in serious condition after being struck by a gunshot.

Investigators confirmed that the two security guards exited the vehicle and attempted to protect the truck by returning fire. The three suspects, who were armed with pistols and a rifle, fled the scene on foot and are currently wanted. It is unknown if any of the attackers were shot or the amount of money stolen. 

Lt. Cuff was concerned with the violence of the robbery group’s “modus operandi.” “I’ve been here 20 years and I can’t think of anything like this. We’ve had incidents in the casino, but none like this,” Cuff stated.

Although the victim who was shot is in critical condition, he is expected to survive.

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