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Lawsuits Against Disney and Tesla, Elder Financial Exploitation, and Damages for Discrimination

May 8, 2024 María López Garcia
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California’s April News Round-Up Features Assaults on Uber Drivers, Hit and Run Accidents, and Salmonella Poisoning

Personal injury cases have caused great concern among California during the month of April 2024. The spring season brings with it a multitude of incidents that have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Traffic accidents have been the biggest contributor to these casualties. As usual, this month also sees a high number of hit-and-run collisions and pedestrian accidents.

It is not uncommon for injury victims to sue those responsible for their accident. And if they have an experienced lawyer, they can usually get fair compensation for the damage they have suffered. One of the most recent headline-grabbing cases involved the Ford Motor Company. The car manufacturer had to pay $45 million to the victim of a 2016 accident, after a jury awarded punitive damages. The incident was caused by a defect in the car’s gearshift system, which resulted in a broken leg.

Separately, police continue to be at the center of controversy in California. A driver has filed a lawsuit alleging emotional distress and negligence after a dozen officers mistakenly pulled him over without cause. The officers, who were armed and pointed guns at the driver, believed the victim’s vehicle was stolen.

Other injury news includes another dog attack in a Los Angeles neighborhood. Three people, including a child, were hospitalized after being mauled by a neighbor’s dog.

Lastly, fires are not always caused by negligence or carelessness: sometimes they are arson. A student at San Jose State University was arrested for setting several fires in different parts of the campus.

California Personal Injury News Highlights for April 2024

In this post, we will share the latest news about personal injury in California in April 2024. This month we include news of injuries that have occurred at establishments such as Disneyland. We also bring to light several assault cases in California, including one involving Ye – formerly known as Kanye West.

In addition to the usual news of police misconduct and lawsuits for sex crimes and civil rights violations, April also brought cases of elder abuse.

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California personal injury news in April 2024.
California personal injury news for April 2024 includes salmonella cases, hit-and-run deaths, and elder abuse.

Injury Accidents at Disney and Lack of Safety on Public Transport

Practice Area: Premises Liability

We begin our monthly personal injury blog with a lawsuit over a shooting at a farm in Half Moon Bay last year. A survivor and the family of a man killed in the shooting have sued California Terra Garden, the mushroom farm where they worked, for wrongful death. The lawsuit seeks liability for the company’s failure to “adequately secure its premises against criminal acts.” According to witnesses, another shooting had taken place months before the fatal incident. In addition, the person responsible for the shooting had a history of violent behavior. In total, seven people were killed.

On the other hand, Disney was another company that recently suffered injuries at its facilities. But first, we’ll describe an incident at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park near Los Angeles. Authorities reported that 15 people were injured when a sightseeing tram crashed into a guardrail at the park.

As we previously reported, this is not the first time Disney has been sued for personal injury. In fact, another lawsuit has been filed against Disneyland this month. A woman sued the park after suffering permanent injuries during a visit to Disney’s California Adventure Park a year ago. According to documents, the visitor was injured when an actor dressed as Goofy fell on her. The victim claims she was tying her daughter’s shoes when Goofy stepped on her with his full body weight, leaving her with a “traumatic” experience.

Finally, the lack of security in public areas in California is spreading fear of attack. The most recent case was the stabbing of a Metro bus driver. According to official statistics, an estimated 168 bus and train drivers were attacked last year.

Uber Driver Assaulted and Ye Is Investigated for Battery

Practice Area: Assault

Continuing the trend of assaults or attacks, Ye – formerly known as Kanye West – is grabbing all the headlines this month. The rapper is once again embroiled in controversy after allegedly punching a man who he claims sexually assaulted his wife, Bianca Censori. The police investigation comes after the artist was sued by a former employee earlier this month. The lawsuit accuses Ye of discrimination and harassment.

Undoubtedly, 2024 will be a hectic year in terms of assault allegations against rappers in California, as evidenced by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ sexual and injury cases in April.

On the other hand, another assault case took place during a rideshare. A 70-year-old Uber driver was brutally beaten by a passenger in Los Angeles. The victim, who suffered serious injuries including facial injuries, is considering filing a lawsuit against Uber.

$2.3M and $2.2M Won in Discrimination Settlements

Practice Area: Civil Rights Violations

A fight between two neighbors over a parking space ends in a hate crime arrest in Marin County. Novato police arrested a resident on a racial hate crime charge after he threatened to report his neighbor for allegedly being in the country illegally and threatened to shoot him.

While victims of civil rights violations may think they can’t take legal action, the reality is quite the opposite. The most recent example is that of a former employee of California State Parks. The ex-worker was awarded $2.3 million after filing a lawsuit against the agency and his former supervisor. The victim claimed that his supervisor and other employees discriminated against him because of his Mexican heritage and threatened him with retaliation if he reported it.

Also, an Anaheim employment agency must pay $2.2 million to settle a discrimination lawsuit. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged that BaronHR engaged in discriminatory hiring practices on the basis of race, gender, and disability.

California Elder Financial Fraud and Neglect

Practice Area: Elder Abuse

Sadly, this month we also highlight news relating to elder abuse. In the first case, two people face multiple charges, including elder abuse and child cruelty. They were arrested for keeping two elderly people and four children in a “dangerous environment.” According to police, “the conditions were horrendous, with bugs, feces, and trash scattered throughout the house.”

The other elder abuse case involves financial fraud. A Southern California man was arrested for scamming elderly victims out of more than $500K.

Blackberry CEO Sexually Assaults Employee and Alaska Airlines Passenger Sexually Harassed During Flight

Practice Area: Sexual Harassment or Abuse

A traveler who sexually assaulted a woman on a flight from San Diego went on trial this month. Alaska Airlines and authorities began investigating the case after a woman reported the incident. The man pleaded guilty to sex crimes.

Separately, a sexual assault lawsuit has just been filed against a former Leigh High School teacher for events that occurred in 2003. According to the documents, the plaintiff, who was a student at the school, had sex with her teacher, Shawn Thomas, who impregnated her at the time. The victim claims that in addition to the sexual assault, the perpetrator forced her to abort the pregnancy.

Meanwhile, a former BlackBerry Ltd employee has filed a lawsuit against the company and its current CEO, John Giamatteo. The claim alleges that Giamatteo sexually harassed and retaliated against her after she reported his behavior.

Police Bribe Sex Victims and Man Dies After Being Held Facedown on Ground

Practice Area: Police Misconduct

Continuing with sex crime news, we bring you the story of sexual police misconduct by the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. This case involves the sexual assaults of a former corrections officer. Earlier this month, Christian Heidecker was sentenced to five years in prison for sexually assaulting women while on house arrest. Now, seven women have sued Riverside County and the Riverside Sheriff’s Department for offering them “hush money” to keep quiet about the crimes Heidecker committed.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County is also being sued. The family of a man killed by several Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputies has filed a lawsuit against the county for police misconduct. The events took place a year ago. Several officers responded to a gas station in Carson after a man was causing a disturbance. The released videos show that the man, who was an addict and suffered from schizophrenia, complied with police commands at all times until he was shot four times.

On the other hand, three police officers in Northern California have been sued for wrongful death. The case has caused much controversy because of its similarities to the murder of George Floyd. The incident occurred after multiple Alameda officers responded to a call about a person who appeared disoriented or intoxicated. On arrival, the man resisted, and the officers held him face down on the ground for several minutes. The man lost consciousness and died as a result of the restraint.

Numerous Deaths in California Hit-and-Run Accidents

Practice Area: Traffic Accidents

Regarding car accidents, we began this section by mentioning how negligent police behavior can lead to traffic collisions. One of the accidents was the consequence of an LAPD pursuit. A hit-and-run attempt by a driver ended with the suspect’s vehicle on fire. A Valley Glen resident was injured as a result. In addition, a former East Bay cop faces three misdemeanor charges for a new DUI case in which he threatened the officers who arrested him.

Another DUI case involves rapper GloRilla. The singer has been charged with DUI and disobeying a traffic control device.

April 2024 also sees several personal injury and fatal hit-and-run accidents in various cities in California. Among the many cases, here are some of the more notable ones:

  • A teenager was arrested after crashing into a pickup truck in San Jose, killing the driver.
  • A hit-and-run driver’s solo crash led to a fatal collision with another car. The incident killed a 9-year-old girl and injured 4 people in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • A 29-year-old man was arrested for vehicular manslaughter in two hit-and-run collisions in Richmond. A 6-year-old boy was killed in one of the collisions.
  • A father of five is killed in a brutal hit-and-run in San Bernardino while walking on the sidewalk.
  • A pedestrian was struck and killed in Oakland after a car rammed him and then fled the scene.

Tesla Settles Wrongful Death and Salmonella Cases at Trader Joe’s

Practice Area: Product Liability

In terms of defective products, this month’s recalls from Ford and Tesla are the most notable. The latter has recalled nearly 4,000 Cybertrucks for faulty accelerator pedals. Tesla is also settling a lawsuit brought by the family of a deceased car accident victim. According to the suit, the father of two was killed by the negligence of Tesla’s problematic Autopilot.

Separately, Ford has notified more than 450,000 compact SUVs and pickups to take the vehicles in for repairs. According to the NHTSA, these vehicles are at risk of losing power due to battery problems. Ford has also recalled a further 43,000 vehicles this month for a more serious problem. The company has reported that there is a risk of fuel injectors leaking. This could cause the engines to catch fire.

On the food side, the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has warned consumers of the risk of E. coli contamination. The agency has issued a public health alert specifically for raw ground beef products produced by Greater Omaha Packing Co, Inc.

Salmonella also continues to be a headache for many stores. The latest supermarket chain to be hit by a recall is Trader Joe’s. One person has been hospitalized and 12 have contracted salmonella after eating contaminated basil.

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