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Judge Denies Plea Agreement For Pineda in David Ordaz, Jr. Case

October 27, 2023 Robert Jalon

Judge Michael Pastor Refused To Accept a Negotiated Plea Agreement for Deputy Remin Pineda To Avoid Jail Time

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David Ordaz Jr.’s family took a sigh of relief recently as they seek justice for his death. Ordaz Jr.’s killer, Deputy Remin Pineda, was dealt a blow in his quest to avoid jail stemming from Ordaz Jr.’s death in March 2021. Judge Michael Pastor denied Pineda’s negotiated plea agreement allowing him to avoid jail time. Evidently, Pineda would have had to accept probation and relinquish his badge voluntarily as part of the deal.

In the lead-up to the hearing, Ordaz Jr.’s oldest sister, Hilda Pedroza, expressed frustration.

“I am furious that our system allows Pineda to walk around like nothing happened. What about David?” Pedroza asked through tears during her testimony in court. “David doesn’t get to walk like he does. If the tables were turned, David would be put in jail in a second.”

The controversial plea deal wasn’t presented to Ordaz Jr.’s family. They received information about the offered deal only a short time before the court date. Because decisions to reject a negotiated plea are so rare, Ordaz Jr.’s family viewed the court date as a mere formality. Albeit, a formality that would break in Pineda’s favor.

“I thought it’s not going to make a difference. There’s no point. They already made up their minds,” Pedroza said after the hearing. “I was really shocked. I did not think this was going to be possible. The first words out of my mouth were ‘Thank God! Thank God!’ ”

David Ordaz, the victim’s father, claims the incident ruined his family. Indeed, this makes the ruling handed down by Pastor especially vindicating.

Naturally, the judge’s ruling shocked them. Several of his family members cried together on the steps of the courthouse after the announcement.

Despite this, his family still grieves for the father, son, and husband they lost.

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