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The Common Costs in a Personal Injury Case

August 19, 2023 Alan Ahdoot
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Initiating personal injury lawsuits or claims can carry significant costs, coupled with the emotional toll of post-accident damages

However, there’s an option to avoid hefty expenses. Discover how you can secure skilled legal representation without upfront fees from our roster of lawyers at Adamson Ahdoot.

The Difference Between Costs and Fees

Although often used interchangeably, “costs” and “fees” have distinct legal meanings. “Costs” encompass necessary expenses, from pre-lawsuit investigation to trial. Meanwhile, “fees” denote charges by the attorney for handling a personal injury case.

In personal injury cases, lawyers typically advance litigation costs. Plaintiffs sign a contingency fee agreement, allowing cost recovery if personal injury claims fail. However, you can still set a limit on costs during negotiations.

When you choose to work with Adamson Ahdoot LLP, you won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket costs. Our approach relies on a contingency fee structure. This means we won’t charge you a flat fee or hourly rate; we only receive payment once you recover. 

If there’s no recovery, there’s no fee. Our fees typically range from 33% to 45%, depending on the case’s resolution stage. For rare instances requiring litigation, our fees may be slightly higher, while most cases are resolved without formal lawsuits.

In short, while your case is ongoing, you won’t need to pay us anything. Our fees solely come from the final recovery amount provided by the responsible party.

The Common Costs in a Personal Injury Case

The costs of personal injury claims can vary based on case complexity. Generally, they encompass the following:

Court Costs

When your case proceeds to trial, you’ll encounter various court-related expenses distinct from fines and attorneys’ fees. Initially, a filing fee ranging from $100 to $400 is required for the complaint. 

Additionally, you’ll be responsible for jurors’ daily stipends, as well as summoning and serving the complaint to the defendant.

Furthermore, obtaining a copy of in-court testimony, at a cost of $2 to $4 per page, may be requested by the plaintiff. In total, an entire day of in-court testimony could accumulate costs of up to $400.

Expert Witness Fees

The second most significant cost in a personal injury lawsuit is attributed to hiring an expert witness. Typically, parties allocate around a hundred dollars to secure an expert witness who meticulously reviews the case, generates a report, and delivers testimony during the trial.

Even relatively straightforward cases can result in costs amounting to thousands of dollars, while intricate cases might demand the involvement of multiple expert witnesses.

Administrative Expenses

Administrative expenses in court cases encompass various costs such as postage, legal research, travel expenses, and trial exhibits. If your case relies on minimal document-based evidence, your expenses could stay below a hundred dollars. 

However, personal injury lawsuits, particularly those proceeding to trial, often extend over several years. Consequently, administrative costs for these cases can accumulate to thousands of dollars.

Deposition Costs

When the opposing party requests an out-of-court witness statement, deposition costs may come into play. 

Depositions, aimed at collecting information through a stenographer, can incur expenses. Lengthy recordings, spanning hours, might result in around $500 expenditure, encompassing transcript costs.

Investigation And Information-gathering Costs

While acquiring evidence and information, minor fees might arise. Medical records and police reports can often be obtained free of charge. 

Yet, opting for a private investigator’s services could entail expenses amounting to hundreds of dollars.

Types of Fees in a Personal Injury Case

Distinguishing between fees and costs is crucial in personal injury cases. Beyond fee agreements, attorney charges vary based on expertise, case complexity, and time invested.

Consultation Fee

Many lawyers charge a fee just for meeting with you to discuss your case, known as a consultation fee. At Adamson Ahdoot, we don’t have such fees. 

You won’t be charged for discussing your situation with us, and there are no out-of-pocket costs to worry about. We’re committed to making the process accessible for you.

Contingency Fee

With a contingency fee arrangement, your lawyer’s payment is contingent upon your case’s success. This means that if you don’t win your case and receive a settlement or compensation, your lawyer won’t charge you a fee. 

At Adamson Ahdoot, our fee is a percentage of the amount you recover. We don’t charge you an upfront flat fee or an hourly rate for our services.

Flat Fee and Alternative Fee Arrangements

Some lawyers may ask for a predetermined flat fee for handling your case, which means you pay a fixed amount regardless of the outcome. 

Alternative fee arrangements could involve setting a limit on the total attorney fees or adjusting the hourly rate based on the recovery you obtain. These arrangements provide different ways to structure the lawyer’s compensation.

Referral Fee

If you’re having difficulty finding a suitable personal injury lawyer, you might turn to a referral service or company that specializes in connecting clients with legal experts. 

If you choose this route, the referral service might charge you a fee for their service, either a fixed amount or a percentage of the compensation you eventually receive. This fee compensates them for helping you find the right legal representation.

How to Balance Costs and Fees in a Personal Injury Case

 a lawyer sitting behind his desk while using a laptop
The cost and fees when filing a personal injury claim vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Managing costs and fees in a personal injury claim requires strategic steps to avoid unnecessary expenses. Here’s how to effectively balance the financial aspects:

Choose a Fee-Waiver Lawyer

Instead of paying upfront consultation fees, opt for a lawyer like those at Adamson Ahdoot who won’t charge you until your case is successfully resolved. This ensures you don’t incur costs without a clear outcome, allowing you to focus on your case without financial strain.

Make a Realistic Expense Assessment 

Research potential law firms and personal injury lawyers, and have an open discussion about potential costs if your case goes to trial. Expenses vary widely, including travel and expert witness fees. Knowing these potential costs in advance helps you plan accordingly.

Plan a Thorough Consultation

Seek advice from experienced lawyers who can help you through the process. Our team offers insightful consultations without upfront fees, guiding you through the complexities of your case. Rest assured, we only collect fees upon securing the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Consult With an Experienced Lawyer at Adamson Ahdoot

Do you need help with navigating your personal injury case? Turn to our experienced lawyers at Adamson Ahdoot for legal advice and assistance. 

We don’t ask for upfront fees and won’t charge you anything until you get the compensation you deserve. Call us at (800) 310-1606 today to schedule your free consultation with a premier injury attorney.

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