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Toyota Will Study the Results of Cannabis on Drivers as Part of Automotive Safety Research

September 22, 2022 Dev Jain
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The Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center (CRSC) reported that they will add four research projects that will further explore the scope of automotive safety research. These projects will complement the already nine projects that the CRSC announced in April as a part of a five-year $30 million pledge to study safe mobility options & needs.

Toyota will work with the University of Virginia, University of Michigan Medical School, University of California San Diego, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Iowa State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with new analysis assignments that will key in on things such as how diversity can affect injury biomechanics, technology that can assist impaired drivers from accidents, and more.

“As we continue to pursue the needs of industry around automotive safety, these new projects will help us better understand human driving behavior, ways to integrate medical technology, and crash protection for a diverse population of physical characteristics,” said Danil Prokhorov, director of Toyota’s CSRC and Future Research Department (FRD).

Half of the Drivers, “Impaired” While Driving

UCSD has done research on the effects of cannabis on drivers by studying the effects in a simulator. The Center for Medical Cannabis Research at UCSD found that at least half of people with THC in their systems were diagnosed as “impaired” when undergoing driving simulations.

The THC test group findings showed severely decreased driving capabilities on driving variables such as lane swerving, responding to attention tasks, and following a lead car. The experimenters also stated that 50 percent of the non-placebo individuals were labeled as “impaired,” and not all individuals who consumed THC displayed poor driving abilities.

Researchers from the Center for Health, Analytics, Media and Policy, RTI International, and Office of Research Protection in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina studied the cannabis tendencies of over 1,200 participants and found that over 33% of individuals were noted of driving under the influence about three hours of ingesting cannabis indicating DIUC prevention is necessary for states that do not have legal cannabis.

“Current cannabis users in recreational and medical-only cannabis states were significantly less likely to report driving within three hours of getting high in the past 30 days, compared to current users living in states without legal cannabis,” researchers said. “The one exception was frequent cannabis users who lived in medical cannabis states. Their risk of DUIC [driving under the influence of cannabis] did not differ significantly from frequent users living in states without legal cannabis.”

Toyota will analyze the results of cannabis use as part of research aimed at improving road behavior. The goal is to study automotive safety.

Involved in an Accident by a Drugged Driver?

California doesn’t allow driving under the influence of drugs. If you have an accident while being high, the consequences can be very serious. Not only can it affect you financially, but your behavior also jeopardizes automotive safety. According to studies, the risk of injuring or killing someone with a car is higher after the use of cannabis.

Did you have an accident with injuries caused by someone who was driving under the influence of drugs? You have the right to report it. The consequences of a crash on the road can be terrible. It can range from back problems to devastating injuries or death. If you feel frustrated by your situation, you can count on Adamson Ahdoot to assist you today.

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