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Small Plane Crash-Lands on 91 Freeway

August 26, 2022 María López Garcia

Low traffic and the pilot’s skillful maneuvering prevented the crash from being a big catastrophe

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A small private plane flying over Los Angeles crash-landed in the middle of the 91 freeway on August 9 with no injuries. Yes, you read that right. Although it may look like a scene out of a fiction movie, the plane accident which unfolded on a California freeway was totally real. In fact, Netflix or HBO are probably already working to bring this story to the screen.

The event occurred on the normally busy 91 Freeway, in Corona, 45 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles. The six-seat Piper Cherokee PA-32-300 had a technical failure just before landing at its destination, Corona Municipal Airport. The light aircraft, piloted by Andrew Cho, was flying with a passenger.

This malfunction forced the pilot to make an emergency landing on the highway around 12:30 p.m., near Buena Vista Avenue. The images captured by witnesses are breathtaking. 

No Injuries Reported After the Plane Crash

Corona Fire Department confirmed that the single-engine aircraft first struck a Toyota pickup truck before sliding down the roadway and subsequently colliding with the retaining walls. The violence of the impact caused the airplane to quickly catch fire. Fortunately, both the pilot and passenger escaped the fire unharmed.

Despite the dramatic accident, nobody from the aircraft or the car was hurt, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The pilot, who was shocked by the crash, told local media that the successful landing was due to hard training. “It felt like a hard bump, hard to describe. We were 4 to 5 feet in the air when the plane stalled completely and fell to the ground. Your training kicks in, and you do the right thing,” Andrew said. According to the pilot, the key to “get the best outcome is not to panic.”

The California Highway Patrol, the Fire Department, and the FAA immediately responded to the situation shortly after landing. If not for the pilot’s skillful maneuvering and the lack of nearby traffic, the crash may have been a “very serious tragedy,” according to CHP Captain Levi Miller.

A small plane crash-landed while flying two people on a California freeway after an engine technical failure. No one was injured.

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The severe impact of this plane crash serves as a reminder of the numerous injuries that might result from using this mode of transportation. In fact, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant broke her vertebrae in a crash landing just a few weeks ago.

Anyone can experience these bizarre circumstances, which can lead to both property damage and serious injuries. Sadly, if you or a loved one have experienced a similar scenario, you are entitled to compensation.

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