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Elementary School Bus Hit by Semi-Truck

November 9, 2022 Dev Jain

Seven children were injured on their way back from a field trip

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Many parents were shocked in mid-October when they heard about the incident that occurred as their children were returning from a field trip to a pumpkin patch. The Fall River Elementary School’s bus carrying Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten students was involved in a traffic accident. Apparently, the school bus was hit by a semi-truck on its way back to school.

According to official sources, the collision occurred when the bus turned left onto Highway 299, east of McArthur. The semi-truck struck the rear of the bus, creating comprehensive damage. However, the truck was able to slam onto its brakes in time to evade any more severe impairment.

Merrill Grant, the superintendent of Fall River unified school district, wanted to give his credit to the school staff. “My heart just dropped when I arrived and saw the debris on the road from the engine compartment, but as I got out of my vehicle and went to where the children and staff were, it was a very controlled environment. Our staff was unbelievable in getting the children calmed down.”

Grant also mentioned how fortunate they were that the incident wasn’t worse. “The CHP, firefighters, and paramedics were exceptional. We were lucky this accident wasn’t more serious,” he said.

Seven students were sent to Mayers Memorial Hospital for precautionary observation. Although some children were in pain, no students suffered notable injuries. The bus, on the other hand, was badly damaged.

While quite a few parents rushed to the scene to pick up their children, many kids were taken back to Fall River Elementary. As a result of the incident, all other field trips were canceled.

The CHP is still investigating the accident.

No kids were badly injured in the accident involving a school bus hit by a semi-truck in McArthur.

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