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Carbon Dioxide Leak at LAX Poisons 4 Workers

November 29, 2022 María López Garcia

One of the victims had to be induced into a coma after suffering repeated seizures

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An incident at Los Angeles International Airport resulted in serious injuries to four workers. Three men and one woman were poisoned by a carbon dioxide leak at LAX. One of the most affected employees had to be placed in an induced coma as a result.

The events occurred last month on Halloween. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the accident resulted from an “explosion” in a subterranean electrical room, located just meters away from the baggage area of Terminal 8.

While three of the airport employees managed to get out of the area quickly, one of the workers succumbed to the toxicity of the vapors and was unable to escape. As a result of the danger caused by the release of carbon dioxide gas, authorities dispatched a hazardous materials team. When they arrived, the 36-year-old employee was found not breathing and without a pulse. 

LAFD spokesperson Erik Scott confirmed that the quick action of emergency services saved the worker’s life. Members of the Los Angeles Police Department and LAX Police performed CPR, which kept him alive until he regained a pulse at the hospital.

One of the Employees, in an Induced Coma

Cris Abraham was doing repairs in an electrical vault in Terminal 8 when the accident occurred. When he arrived at the hospital, the doctors managed to stabilize him. However, his condition did not improve and went from serious to critical. 

Three days later, Abraham’s health hadn’t made any progress. Doctors had to induce him into a coma due to repeated seizures that prevented his brain from healing.

Abraham’s family has not left the man’s side since the mishap happened. His uncle, Charles Abraham, claimed that his nephew wanted to save the lives of his co-workers first. “He made sure that his helpers got out and when they turned back, he wasn’t with them at the exit. They looked, and he was on the ground,” his uncle said.  

During the press conference, Scott reported on the consequences of being exposed to the gas. Apparently, carbon dioxide replaces oxygen in the bloodstream and causes cardiac arrest.

Four workers were injured by a carbon dioxide leak at LAX. One of them is in an induced coma.

The Release of the Gas, Under Investigation

Initial investigations have revealed that the gas leak at LAX was entirely accidental. As Scott explained, the carbon dioxide is part of a fire suppression system for the electrical room. The release of the vapor, replacing the oxygen, would be the perfect solution to extinguish the fire. However, if activated with people inside, it would leave them without air to breathe.

As a result of the incident, LAX closed Terminal 8 for a few hours. Flights, mostly from United Airlines, were sent to Terminal 7. The airport confirmed that LAFD and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health were investigating the situation.

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Mishaps like the carbon dioxide leak at LAX that poisoned workers are rare. Even though these are very safe and secure places, accidents can occasionally occur. However, in the event of a negligent accident in a public or private place, it is important to look out for your rights.

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