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The 7 Common Injuries in Car Accidents

April 9, 2024 Alan Ahdoot
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Car accidents can result in severe injuries, and unfortunately, some are fatal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 2.5 million Americans seek treatment for common car accident-related injuries each year.

In cases where victims sustain fatal injuries from a car crash, their loved ones may need to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation. To better understand common car accident injuries and the necessary steps to take after a collision, continue reading this article.

The 7 Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries 

In car accidents, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can sustain various types of injuries, ranging from mild to severe, depending on the impact. 

Here are the most common injuries in car accidents:


This neck injury occurs due to the rapid back-and-forth motion of the neck during a collision. Symptoms of whiplash may include shoulder pain, headaches, and neck stiffness or tingling.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

This injury results from the head striking any part of the car with intense force, TBIs can vary from mild to severe. Symptoms include headaches, nausea, loss of consciousness, poor coordination, and mood changes.


Caused by a blow to the head, concussions involve temporary unconsciousness or permanent brain damage. Symptoms include headaches, vomiting, confusion, fatigue, and sensitivity to light. 

Broken Bones 

Impact with sharp objects in the car, like the steering wheel, can lead to fractures, often requiring surgery and long-term treatment. Severe cases may result in permanent disability and chronic pain. 

Muscle Sprains and Tears

Soft tissue damage in ligaments and tendons can cause swelling, bruising, and limited mobility, requiring rehabilitation for lasting effects.

Scrapes and Lacerations

Broken glass during a collision can cause minor injuries, necessitating prompt medical attention for stitches and wound care.

Internal Injuries

Even without visible wounds, internal bleeding can occur, especially in serious crashes. Symptoms include abdominal pain, dizziness, and bruising around the affected area.

Understanding these common injuries is crucial for prompt treatment and recovery after a car accident. If you experience any symptoms or injuries following a collision, seek medical attention immediately.

What to Do After a Car Crash

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s important not to panic or flee the scene. Here are a few additional pointers to remember after a car crash:

Policewoman talking to a driver of the car on the road after car accident.
The officers at the scene will interrogate the involved drivers to evaluate what happened and file a police report.

Pull Your Vehicle Over

If you’re still conscious after the accident, make sure you pull over your vehicle on the safe side of the road and wait for the emergency responders. Drivers who leave the scene may face hit-and-run charges.

Contact the Authorities

The next thing you should do is call the police. Once they arrive at the scene, they will assess the situation and write a police report that you can use as a reference for your claim. 

The report will include details about the accident, including the victims who got hurt and whether the vehicle/s were significantly damaged.

Seek Immediate Medical Assistance

Wait for paramedics at the scene, even if injuries seem minor. They can assess for hidden issues like internal bleeding. This precaution is vital, as some accident victims may not immediately exhibit symptoms. 

Additionally, document your injuries thoroughly by retaining prescriptions and test results. These records provide essential evidence for your case, ensuring an accurate representation of your condition following the incident. Such documentation significantly strengthens your position when seeking rightful compensation for the damages incurred.

Exchange Contact Information

Remember to exchange contact information with those involved in the accident after securing police and medical reports. This information is crucial for your case and insurance claim. Additionally, gather statements from witnesses if possible, as their accounts can provide valuable support.

Capture Photos and Take Videos at the Scene

Before leaving the scene, capture photos and videos to document the incident. Take pictures of property damages, vehicles involved, and individuals present. These visual records will serve as essential evidence for your personal injury case, aiding in accurately portraying what transpired during the accident.

How to File a Car Accident Claim in California

To file a car accident claim in California, follow these steps:

  • Notify Your Insurance Company: Call your insurance provider to report the accident. They will initiate an investigation using the photos and videos collected at the scene. But, remember, your insurer is obligated to act in your best interest according to your signed insurance contract, and they can be held liable for acting in bad faith.
  • Avoid Admitting Fault: Never admit blame at the accident scene or when communicating with the other drivers’ insurance companies. Admitting fault could jeopardize your claim and result in a higher percentage of fault assigned to you.
  • Hire a Personal Injury Attorney: Consider hiring a personal injury attorney to navigate the complexities of your case. Your lawyer will represent you and coordinate with your insurance provider and authorities to process or file your claim effectively.
  • Know the Statute of Limitations: In California, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years after the accident. Adhere to this timeframe to avoid losing your right to seek compensation.

Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney at Adamson Ahdoot

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