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Woman Rescued and Arrested After Driving Drunk Into the Waters in Newport Beach

September 19, 2022 María López Garcia
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The driver, who drove through a playground before entering the water, was arrested for possible DUI

A dramatic incident took place in the waters off Orange County, California, last month. A woman had to be rescued from the waters of Newport Beach after driving her car across the pier. The 40-year-old female, who was driving alone, appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

The accident, however, could have had a more tragic ending. According to witnesses at the scene, the woman drove through a playground in Genoa Park before plunging her car into the water. 

Quick action by bystanders in the area prevented the incident from escalating. Jehu Jogwe, one of the Samaritans who rescued the woman, confirmed that the driver was trapped inside the car. “I turned around and got a piece of the pipe from the railing and I just bashed both the windows in, and then from there, someone was able to open the trunk and once they opened the trunk they had her out,” he told the media.

Newport Beach Police arrived at the scene, at the intersection of Via Genoa and Via Lido Nord, a few minutes after bystanders rescued the woman. The driver, who got out of the vehicle without serious injury, went to the hospital for treatment, where police arrested her. Authorities are investigating the accident for possible DIU.

Drinking and Driving are Illegal: Bring Your Case to Justice!

It’s a fact: drunk driving leads to reckless behavior. Although the woman rescued from the water did not suffer any injuries or cause any accidents, her illegal conduct must be brought to justice. The data for fatal accidents is devastating. According to the NHTSA, 32 people die every day from alcohol-related motor vehicle collisions.

A woman was rescued from Newport Beach waters after driving her car through a playground before driving off the dock. She was arrested for DIU.

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