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Two Suspects Arrested After Two Separate Car Chases

December 15, 2022 Dev Jain
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Police officers are, without a doubt, being kept busy in Southern California. Authorities confirmed that two suspects were arrested after two car chases in different locations on November 9th. One in Cerritos, the other in Fullerton.

Both pursuits were broadcasted live by the media (FOX11/KTLA5).

Pursuit in Cerritos Ended in Multi-Car Collision

The Cerritos incident involved a pickup truck driving at a high rate of speed. The vehicle triggered a multi-vehicle accident at an intersection in the city.

Witnesses say the driver was weaving in and out of the freeway lanes before heading into the streets. Before slamming violently into the passenger side of another vehicle at the intersection of Long Beach and Lakewood, the driver ran numerous red lights. According to people present at the chase, the individual drove recklessly through many neighborhoods in the area.

As can be seen in the images, the suspect attempted to flee the scene after the brutal crash. However, he collapsed on the ground before the police arrested him.

The 18-year-old driver operating the struck vehicle was not injured. The victim claimed that he was on his way to his mother’s house and was unaware that there was a chase at the time.

“I was driving, listening to music, and all of a sudden, boom,” he said. “I’m not upset. I’m just thinking about what I’m going to do after this. I’ll be fine,” he declared after the accident.

The chase began after a report of a stolen car. Information about possible injuries to other drivers was not immediately available, as there were other vehicles involved in the accident.

Fullerton Chase Driver Ran Through Several California Counties

Of the two suspects apprehended in the car chases, the Fullerton driver’s maneuvers featured a more dramatic event. And more far-reaching. The individual led officers on a frantic chase through numerous California counties. Several crashes occurred during the incident. The episode, which was being recorded live on television, also involved a carjacking and gunfire.

The chase originally began when a black vehicle failed to stop at a routine traffic stop by Fullerton police, in Orange County. The driver, whose identity was unknown at this time, veered off the road and drove recklessly through the streets of Anaheim in an attempt to lose the pursuing police officers.

At one point, the driver got out of the sedan and tried to break into a parked truck, but was unsuccessful. Since he couldn’t steal the car, he got back into the car and drove into a residential complex.

Suspect Attempted to Change Cars Several Times

Next, the suspect managed to get into a white van. However, the driver was trapped when a Fullerton police cruiser pulled up behind him.

Seemingly not fazed, the driver continually collided the back of the van into the front of the police car. After hitting hard and nearly striking another police car, the suspect sped away again.

Police were fixed on the van as it continued to drive dangerously. At one point, they lost a tire in Whittier, which sent sparks soaring. Despite the situation, the driver kept his foot on the gas pedal, but the vehicle could no longer move. The man then set off on foot toward a residential community.

The driver, who entered a house through the back door, was intercepted by the residents of the home. After a fight in the front yard, the suspect jumped back into the white van. While he was escaping, he almost hit the residents and their dogs. According to the report, neither the residents nor the dogs were injured.

Even with the lost front tire, the suspect continued to drive recklessly through Hacienda Heights, where he slammed into several cars.

Due to police resistance, the driver was forced to enter a gas station. Although he attempted to escape by striking some police cars, authorities arrested him. According to KCBS, the suspect was apparently armed, which prompted police to open fire when he attempted to flee at the gas station. In the footage, you can see bullet holes in the door of the pickup truck.

Injured In a Car Chase? We Can Help

The events involving the suspects arrested in the two car chases in Southern California have already been described as some of the wildest ever experienced in the state. Especially the Fullerton car chase. Beyond the police efforts involved, the consequences these types of incidents cause to pedestrians and other vehicle owners can be catastrophic. Not only do these car accidents result in financial loss due to property damage, but there are also seriously injured victims.

If you have also been involved in a car chase in California, give us a call. Unfortunately, the repercussions, primarily physical, caused by these incidents can be devastating. However, being involved in such a violent accident entitles you to receive adequate compensation. This could pay for medical bills, as well as cover the pain and suffering caused.

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