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Restoring the Ballona Wetlands: Adamson Ahdoot Outreach Team Tackles Its First 2024 Event

January 25, 2024 Robert Jalon

The “Last Coastal Wetland in Los Angeles” is Protected by “Friends.”

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The Adamson Ahdoot Outreach Team is proud to announce that they will partner with Friends of Ballona Wetlands for their first event of 2024 on January 27, 2024. This partnership aims to “restore the last coastal wetland in Los Angeles” by cleaning up the area and honoring the original home of the Tongva people.

Who is Friends of Ballona Wetlands?

Founded in 1978, Friends of Ballona Wetlands have achieved significant milestones in restoring the wetlands. With over 4,000 volunteers since its founding, the organization has removed invasive or non-native plants, cleaned up 40 tons of trash from Ballona Creek, and advocated for 23 species on the endangered and status list. Their efforts have resulted in the identification of 264 different bird species in the restored area. Indeed, these figures have showcased the transformative impact of their work on biodiversity.

“Championing the restoration and protection of Los Angeles’ last coastal wetland and educating our diverse community as stewards of nature,” is the group’s mission statement. It was also one easy for the outreach team to get behind. Their important work is why the outreach team will join forces with Friends of Ballona Wetlands.

Volunteers can expect to clean up the area and work to move non-native plants or materials from the wetlands. Friends emphasize the importance of wearing close-toed shoes, weather-appropriate layers, hats, and long pants to protect against prickly plants. It’s essential that volunteers bring gardening gloves and a full water bottle to stay hydrated during the event.

Restoring Ballona Wetlands is vital, and the Outreach team is thrilled to be part of this valuable effort. We encourage everyone to join us in making a difference and safeguarding this precious ecosystem for future generations.

How to Help?

We invite all those interested in helping to join the cause and make a positive impact in preserving this unique coastal habitat. Prospective volunteers can inquire about getting involved by visiting This inclusive event is open for ages 7 and up, encouraging participants to bring their families and friends.

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