Orange County Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Killed One Person

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Orange County Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Killed One Person

September 21, 2020 Alan Ahdoot

On Sunday, September 20th, a police pursuit by Orange County patrol officers on a stolen vehicle ended in a fatal accident. The accident was reported to have occurred at around 5:35 a.m., near Goldenwest Street and Ellis Avenue. The stolen vehicle was identified as a black Honda Accord. A man was seen to be driving the vehicle, accompanied by another man as a passenger.

The driver was requested to stop by the officers while driving at a normal speed. However, they did not pull over and instead started driving at high speed, even reaching 100 mph. The officers chose to pull back when the pursued vehicle started exhibiting erratic driving behaviors. Not long after that, the vehicle ended up crashing, and the passenger died from his fatal injuries, while the driver was severely injured.

Was Your Loved One A Victim in Police Pursuits?

Research has shown that police pursuits can cause fatal accidents. Despite these findings, cases such as the case in Orange County as described above are still commonplace. In the worst-case scenarios, your loved one could die even though they might have only been an innocent pedestrian.

What actions can you take when facing this situation? You should know that you are able to file a wrongful death suit or a personal injury claim against the county or city where the accident occurred. It is also possible to take action against the pursued suspect if they were the direct cause of your loved one’s injury or death. If you’d like to get our advice about your case, you can call us at (866) 698-2306.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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