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How to Beat Insurance Companies At Their Own Game

February 14, 2024 Alan Ahdoot
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Insurance companies are notorious for employing tactics that can leave claimants feeling overwhelmed and disadvantaged. From denying legitimate claims to offering inadequate payouts, their primary goal is to protect their profits. However, with the right guidance as an insurance claims lawyer, the case can have a positive outcome.

With the help of the Adamson Ahdoot team, claimants can successfully navigate the claims process and emerge victorious. In this blog, we’ll explore practical strategies for how to fight insurance companies, ensuring you receive the fair compensation you’re entitled to.

5 Common Insurance Company Tricks

You might observe the following strategies that insurance providers employ to prevent policyholders from getting a payout.

Denying Initial Claim

Insurers often deny claims to minimize financial payouts, prioritizing profits over policyholders’ needs. This can result in lengthy battles for compensation, especially challenging for claimants unfamiliar with legal procedures.

Exploiting Policy Ambiguities

Insurance companies exploit ambiguous policy language or technicalities to reject claims. For instance, they may narrowly interpret terms like “collision damage,” excluding incidents such as hit-and-runs or damage caused by unidentified third parties. Adjusters may also question injury validity to deny claims.

Offering a Low Settlement

To expedite claim resolution and reduce financial liability, insurers may offer quick settlements below the actual value of damages. Unfortunately, victims facing immediate financial needs and external pressure may accept these offers, unaware of their rights.

Undervaluing Claims

Insurance providers may undervalue claims by downplaying injuries, disputing medical expenses, or underestimating property damage. 

They may cite pre-existing conditions or rely on biased medical experts to minimize payouts, using tactics like depreciated values and low-cost repair estimates. This can lead to victims unknowingly accepting settlements far below the actual cost of recovery.

Requesting Unnecessary Documents

Insurers may demand exhaustive documentation, such as extensive medical records and irrelevant tax returns, to find pre-existing conditions and prolong the process. These tactics often lead claimants to accept low settlements, adding stress and wearing down their resolve.

Delaying the Process

Prolonged investigations and administrative hurdles are used to frustrate claimants and pressure them into dropping their claims or accepting inadequate settlements. Lengthy investigations involve repeated requests for information, multiple assessments, and complex liability analyses, damaging the interests of policyholders.

Using Your Statements Against You

Insurers scrutinize recorded statements and written communication to find inconsistencies and twist expressions of uncertainty to diminish injuries or shift liability. They may selectively quote statements or misconstrue social media posts to challenge the credibility of the entire claim.

How To Beat Insurance Companies

A lawyer will use all tools available to beat insurance companies tactics on claims.
Insurance companies employ different tactics to deny or reduce claims.

To outsmart insurance companies and ensure fair compensation, follow these steps:

Collect and Review Evidence

  • Take detailed photos of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and injuries.
  • Gather witness statements and contact information.
  • Obtain the other party’s insurance details and file a police report.
  • Keep records of medical treatment and preserve relevant documents.

Record All Communication

  • Maintain a log of conversations with adjusters, medical professionals, and others involved.
  • Use email for communication to maintain a clear record.
  • Keep copies of all letters or forms exchanged with insurance companies.

Assess the Value of Your Case

  • Obtain estimates for vehicle repairs, medical treatment costs, and lost wages.
  • Consider pain and suffering when assessing damages.
  • Review insurance policy details to understand coverage limits and exclusions.

How Can An Accident Attorney Help?

When facing insurance company tactics on claims, hiring an accident lawyer to fight insurance companies is crucial to securing fair compensation. Experienced attorneys understand common strategies used by insurers, including denying claims, offering low settlements, and delaying the process. 

They negotiate effectively to ensure clients receive just compensation and guide victims through the claims process.

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