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How a California Brain Injury Attorney Can Help After a Catastrophic Accident

January 12, 2021 Alan Ahdoot

Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most heartbreaking and catastrophic injuries one can endure. Because the brain directly controls speaking, moving, thinking, and breathing, an injury to the brain can interrupt function temporarily or permanently. Everyday tasks like driving a car or going to work may be impossible. Some people who suffer brain injuries may need around-the-clock care for the duration of their life. Mild brain injuries can cause persistent or continued memory loss, personality changes. 

The cost of caring for someone with a traumatic brain can easily be seven figures. When someone is no longer able to work, the entire family may suffer a double-blow of medical bills and lost income. Fortunately, the civil justice system allows families to recover compensation in a personal injury claim – for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. However, recovering fair compensation can be challenging. Hiring a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer can level the playing field and allow accident victims the best chance of getting the financial recovery they deserve. 

Common Causes of Brain Injuries 

Examples of scenarios that lead to traumatic brain injuries may include: 

  • Auto accidents: A car accident that causes the head to strike the windshield or dashboard can cause a serious brain injury. Accidents occurring at high speeds, like Interstate 5 accidents, often result in brain injuries to passengers or drivers. 
  • Bicycle accidents: A bicyclist being thrown from their bike may strike their head against a vehicle or pavement. Even with a helmet, a substantial injury may occur. 
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to head injury in a collision. Like bicyclists, even with a helmet, severe injuries can occur. 
  • Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrians have even less protection than bicyclists and motorcyclists. 
  • Premises liability: A slip and fall accident, or a falling object at a big box store, can cause a severe brain injury. 

Understanding Your Legal Options After a Brain Injury 

When a brain injury is the result of another party’s negligence or recklessness, injured victims may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury claim. Hiring a reputable and knowledgeable attorney is critical. Insurance companies will be quick to recognize a serious injury and will want to settle it quickly – for as little as possible. Before you accept any compensation for your injuries, speak to a knowledgeable California brain injury attorney at Adamson Ahdoot, LLP. You may be entitled to far more compensation than is initially offered. Our initial phone or video consultation is always free and there is never any fee unless we recover money for you. 

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